Monkeying around with reading: every reception child in England to get this free book

Published on: 08 May 2018

School starters in England will receive their very own copy of the book Little Monkey, as part of our Time to Read campaign.

Now in its third year, the Time to Read campaign encourages families to make time to read together, share stories every day and find the fun in reading.

That's why, from this September, we're giving out 700,000 free copies of Little Monkey.

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'Funny and empowering'

Little Monkey will be delivered to each child's school, inside a special Time to Read pack that each child can keep and take home. Inside the pack is a message for families about the importance of shared reading. 

There will also be practical tips and advice to help them bring the story to life at home – and it's a great story. This funny and empowering picture book tells the tale of a little monkey in a big troop, in an even bigger jungle. Monkey has enough of missing out and of being too small for big adventures, so she bravely heads off all alone to climb to the top of the tallest tree in the jungle.

Written and illustrated by the renowned Marta Altés, Little Monkey (Pan Macmillan) shows us that the world is a big, wild and wonderful place, where anything is possible.

Marta Altés (above), author and illustrator of Little Monkey, said:

'It's wonderful that Little Monkey will be used to start little people on their reading journey. I hope that Little Monkey and her adventures in the jungle not only inspire a love of reading but also remind children that even when you're small, you can do amazing things!'

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Perfect for reading together

A panel of experts chose Little Monkey because of its fun, detailed illustrations and great message that no matter how small you are, or how big the world seems, you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it. It’s perfect for reading together and the challenges Monkey faces of being too small and not wanting to miss out are easily relatable for little children.

Chief Executive Diana Gerald said:

'Children are more likely to read if they’re having fun with stories and we couldn’t think of a more colourful, enjoyable and entertaining book. At BookTrust, we want to ensure all children have access to books and enjoy the adventure and escapism that comes with getting lost in a good book. Little Monkey is beautifully illustrated and brilliant to read aloud.'

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Let's read more with children because brilliant things happen when families find Time to Read. Every four-year-old in England will get a free book to enjoy and share this September, with Time to Read.

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