Time to Read

We want families to keep reading to their child, even once they've reached primary school or can read on their own – because time sharing stories is time well spent. 

Research shows that a child who reads for pleasure will do better at school, even in subjects like maths. Not only that, but if a family read books together, it's a great way to bond, talk about the day, and have a lot of fun!

That's why, every September, we encourage families in the UK to have fun with a story. We are also giving a free book to each Reception-aged child in England: look out this autumn for The Cave by Rob Hodgson

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All about the Time to Read book pack

You’re in for a surprise with this year’s brilliant Time to Read book. Reception children across England will be getting their free copy from September.

Time to Read for teachers and home educators

Ideas for encouraging reading for pleasure at your school or library with Time to Read: from fun classroom activities to how to get hold of the book pack.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Everything you need to know about the Time to Read programme and campaign to get families reading together.

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Find your next book

Use the Bookfinder to find the perfect book for you, your family and friends.

Helpful tips and features

Try these fun activities for last year's book

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Find activities

Browse and find some fun

Search for activities about books for you and your child to enjoy together.