BookTrust partners with ClearVision Project to bring Braille books to children

Published on: 12 November 2018

BookTrust has announced a new partnership with the ClearVision project to help blind and partially sighted children enjoy books.

The cover of ClearVision's Braille adaptation of The Bumblebear by Nadia Shireen

ClearVision runs a lending library of children's books which have been adapted to include the text in braille on clear plastic pages, so that sighted and braille-reading families can enjoy stories together.

Now, BookTrust has worked with ClearVision to adapt Nadia Shireen's hit story The Bumblebear, which was given to reception-age children in England in 2017 as part of the Time to Read campaign.

The book is now available for families and schools to borrow from the ClearVision lending library.

'We're delighted to be working with BookTrust on this brilliant project,' said ClearVision's director Alexandra Britton. 'Shared reading is important for all children, and for children learning to read braille, it's vital.

'Research makes clear that being able to read braille opens up greater opportunities in education and employment, but children need every possible support to learn and every opportunity to practice.

'These books will help more families read together, helping kids learn but importantly also enjoying the pleasure of sharing a great story.'

Meanwhile, Shireen said that she is 'chuffed' that The Bumblebear has been adapted so that even more children can discover the story.

'Every author wants their stories to be shared by as many people as possible, so I'm really happy that more kids get to enjoy Norman's furry misadventure,' she said.

And BookTrust's CEO Diana Gerald said that is is 'incredibly important' that all children can have the chance to enjoy books.

'BookTrust's mission is to inspire every child to love books and become lifelong readers, but without the correct tools, visually impaired children will struggle more than they really need to,' she said.

'We've teamed up with the ClearVision Project to make sure children with little or no sight can enjoy adventures within the pages, enjoy books and share stories.'

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