The Bumblebear

(1 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Jonathan Cape

Norman the bear loves honey, so he thinks up an ingenious plan to get his paws on as much as he can eat - by enrolling at Bee School!

Dressed in a bear-sized bee costume, Norman makes a convincing, if rather large, bee. He thoroughly enjoys the lessons and learns all sorts of useful skills, such as buzzing, waggly dancing and even flying. The other bees love him, as he always tries his best and is great fun to be around.

When a clever bee called Amelia questions him about his size, Norman claims he has come from Giant Bee Land. This satisfies most of the bees, but Amelia is not convinced, and sets about trying to uncover the truth about her oversized classmate.

Amusing colourful illustrations with witty details, such as a bee wearing a little bear costume, add gentle humour to this endearing tale about friendship and loyalty.

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