Phil Earle talks to Tom Palmer

Published on: 15 February 2016 Author: Phil Earle

The fantastic author Phil Earle, who's work includes the Mind the Gap and Superhero Street, became our thirteenth Writer in Residence back in 2016. In his third Writer in Residence vlog, Phil Earle interviews Bookbuzz author Tom Palmer about his reading journey.

Phil Earle

Like Phil, Tom was a reluctant reader and his love of reading stemmed from football.

'I didn't like reading at school, I struggled with it; I was intimidated by it... I knew I was going to fail to finish (reading) the book, and I felt that I was a failure as a result of that.
My mum wanted to get me into reading... so she got me reading match reports in newspapers, she got me reading magazines like Match and Shoot. Gradually, using smaller bits of text, which built up my confidence and stamina as a reader, I moved onto books.'

Watch the full vlog and find out which book changed Tom's life.

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