Superhero Street

Publisher: Orion Children’s Books

Michael J Mouse doesn't get a lot of attention, what with his five baby and toddler brothers (one set of twins; one set of triplets) reducing mum and dad to exhausted, drooling zombies by the time he comes home from school.

But Mouse is also Mouse the Mighty, possibly the greatest superhero of all time. When a daring jewel heist goes wrong, he and his superhero mum Lady Lollipop (along with a group of very unusual superhero vigilantes) step up and prove that it's not just costumes that make people special.

The second in Phil Earle's Storey Street series, Superhero Street is the heartwarming and laugh-out-loud sequel to Demolition Dad, celebrating mums as the everyday superheroes they are. Sara Ogilvie's illustrations (including Top Trumps-style superhero illustrations at the end of the book) add an even more warm, hilarious background to Earle's realistic family.

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