Phil Earle's top 5 funny books

Published on: 11 April 2016 Author: Phil Earle

The fantastic author Phil Earle, who's work includes the Being Billy and Demolition Dad, became our thirteenth Writer in Residence back in 2016. In this week's Writer in Residence vlog Phil Earle talks about his favourite funny children's books.

Phil Earle

The Demolition Dad author has nailed his comedic choices down to five, which come in the form of books, a poetry collection and a graphic novel.

Amongst his choices, Phil has chosen a story about eyebrows that go on their own adventure and 'the greatest middle grade hero ever.'

Phil also selects a book that enables readers to put on great comedy voices as well as a tale filled with 'wonderful, yet awful' puns.

Watch the vlog to find out what his top five are.

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