Mind the Gap

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

When Mikey's unreliable, mysterious and more than slightly dodgy dad Vinny dies, Mikey loses himself and spirals into self-destructive despair. Determined to help him, Mikey's best friend (who narrates the tale in first person) goes on a heroic quest to find tangible evidence of Vinny who seems to have died without a trace. Warning: when he finds it, things get emotional so have the tissues ready.

This is a moving, funny, book which deals beautifully with the nature and strength of male friendship and boys' relationships with their dads. It's a gritty tale with a big heart from former BookTrust writer in residence Phil Earle, who spent the first 18 years of his life avoiding reading in favour of playing sport so he knows a thing or two about engaging reluctant readers. This is Phil's first book in Barrington Stoke's super readable series printed in dyslexia-friendly typeface on heavy paper in two colours to hide the 'ghost' of words printed on the other side which can help to keep text still and clear for those that perceive blur and movement. But this story from Phil Earle is perfect for a whole range of readers, from book avoiders to book lovers who will read it in one sitting.

Mind the Gap Includes some heavy and unfun teenage drinking but is otherwise clean teen. Recommended for fans and proto fans of Tom Palmer, Melvin Burgess and Kevin Brooks.

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