Time to Read book pack 2016: all about Kitchen Disco

Shake your pips! In 2016, schools across England received Kitchen Disco by by Clare Foges and Al Murphy in a special Time to Read book pack. 

Our Time to Read programme makes sure that every Reception pupil in England has their own book to treasure and share with their family at home. 

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Kitchen Disco

Author: Clare Foges Illustrator: Al Murphy

Did you know when you go to sleep all the fruit in the bowl comes to life and has a fun-filled, night long party?

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Bathroom Boogie

Author: Clare Foges Illustrator: Al Murphy

Bathtime gets boisterous when no-one’s at home: flannels, toothbrushes, loofahs and even the power shower boogie the day away to DJ shampoo’s groovy beat! A cracking comical story for young children, for whom bathtime will never be the same again…

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