Research and evaluation is an important part of the Letterbox Club. A number of evaluations have been conducted to look at the impact of the programme and we continue to evaluate the Letterbox Club across the UK.

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We recommend that you monitor the impact of the Letterbox Club for your children - the evaluation materials provided below can support you to do this. Please refer to our research guidance to ensure that your use of these materials is in line with ethical guidelines and data protection.

If you would like further support with evaluating the programme, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with Fiona Lyon at fiona.lyon@booktrust.org.uk or by calling 020 7801 8827. 

Pre- and Post-Programme surveys:

Pre- and Post- surveys can be used before and after children receive the programme. The questions in the surveys are designed to find out whether the programme has had any impact on how children and carers or parents feel about reading and maths.

We recommend using these surveys with children aged 7+ if they are answering on their own, or aged 5+ with the support of an adult.

Post-Programme only surveys:

Post-surveys can be used after children receive their Letterbox Club parcels. This might be a suitable option if you don’t have capacity to do both pre- and post-surveys. These surveys will help you to find out about children’s and carers’/parents’ experiences of taking part in the Letterbox Club, and any impacts they think the programme had.

We recommend using these surveys with children aged 7+ if they are answering on their own, or aged 5+ with the support of an adult.


Theory of change work

A Theory of Change is a visual or written description of how and why a programme makes a difference. It breaks down what a programme does and tells the story of how programme activities lead to meaningful outcomes, or changes, over time. It’s therefore an important part of the Letterbox Club, demonstrating the intended outcomes for the programme.

Please note this work is still in development. The Theory of Change model for the Letterbox Club has been developed by the research team and additional support team at BookTrust. External partners (including the programme founder, Rose Griffiths) were consulted on the first draft of the model. Practitioners delivering the programme in local authorities took part in small group workshop sessions during which they provided feedback on the content of the model, which was incorporated into later iterations. Development of this work, including further testing and feedback is ongoing.