Delivering Bookstart

In this section you can find detailed tips, advice and guidance on how to deliver Bookstart in your setting.

Find out more about the benefits of gifting Bookstart resources, key messaging, working with partners and working with every family.

There's also tailored information and guidance for librarians, health visitors, early years practitioners and registrars, as well as information for publishers on the book submissions process and how books are chosen for our packs.

Information and guidance on delivering Bookstart

Key Bookstart messages

Key Bookstart messages to give to mums, dads and carers when gifting Bookstart packs.

Working with partners

Bookstart supports multi-agency working with a wide range of objectives across sectors.

Bookstart for librarians

Tailored information for librarians delivering Bookstart, including tips and guidance on gifting the packs and the benefits of Bookstart for library services.

Bookstart for health visitors

Advice and guidance for health visitors and other health professionals on the benefits of Bookstart gifting and how Bookstart Baby can be incorporated into the Healthy Child Programme.

Bookstart for early years settings

Guidance for early years practitioners on delivering the Bookstart programme, including tips for Treasure pack gifting and how Bookstart can help support EYFS objectives and forge links with parents and carers.

Bookstart for registrars

Tips, guidance and key messaging for those professionals delivering Bookstart to new babies and their families at birth registration.

Working with every family

Bookstart is for every child within every family, no matter what that family's make-up or circumstance. This section offers guidance on working with harder-to-reach parents and families, including tips and ideas from practitioners and service providers.

Gifting Bookstart Additional Needs packs

A guide for practitioners gifting Bookstart Additional Needs packs to the children and families they support.

Information for publishers

BookTrust works directly with publishers to purchase books for the Bookstart packs. Find out how books are selected.

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