Bookstart for health visitors

Health visiting teams have been key BookTrust partners for many years, gifting the Bookstart Baby pack in a child’s first year, celebrating parents and carers as first teachers and spreading the word that it's never too early to read with babies - or bumps.

In this section, you will find tailored advice and guidance on gifting the packs, how Bookstart can support the vital work that health visitors do and how Bookstart Baby can be incorporated into the Healthy Child Programme. 

In this section

Benefits of gifting for health visitors

How the Bookstart programme can support and enhance the work of health professionals.

Health visitors: gifting the Bookstart Baby pack

Find out when to gift Bookstart Baby packs, what to keep in mind when gifting and key messages to convey to parents and carers.

Bookstart and the Healthy Child Programme: part one

An introduction to Bookstart and the Healthy Child Programme, and how Bookstart can be incorporated into health reviews at 28 weeks pregnant through to a child's six-month milestone.

Bookstart and the Healthy Child Programme: part two

Continuing our tips and guidance on incorporating Bookstart into the Healthy Child Programme (HCP) through reviews for children aged three months to five years.

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