Working with every family

As a universal book-gifting programme, Bookstart is for every child within every family, no matter what the family's make-up or circumstance. But not all families are as easy to access or engage, and those delivering Bookstart may need to apply a flexible gifting approach or consider a family's specific needs.

This section offers advice and guidance on working with harder-to-reach parents and carers, including tips and ideas from practitioners and service providers.

In this section

General advice on working with families

From effective communication to identifying barriers to engagement - some hints and tips for delivering Bookstart to the families you work with.

Engaging dads and male carers

Advice and guidance on using Bookstart to get dads and male carers involved with shared reading and rhymes - and keep them coming back.

Working with teenage parents

By working in partnership with those directly supporting teenage parents, Bookstart can demonstrate how early interaction with their baby can help improve their child's life chances.

Working with Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities

Bookstart has a flexible approach to gifting which often needs to be applied to ensure that Gypsy, Roma and Traveller families get access to the packs and programmes they are entitled to.

Working with refugees and asylum seekers

Bookstart Coordinators work with a variety of partners to ensure that eligible children from refugee and asylum-seeking families receive their Bookstart packs.

Children who are looked-after

Every child is entitled to their Bookstart packs no matter what their situation and foster carers can access packs for the children in their care through the usual channels.

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