Bookstart Toddler and Pre-schooler packs

What are Bookstart Toddler and Pre-schooler?

Bookstart Toddler and Pre-schooler are new book packs from BookTrust, designed to make reading a fun and rewarding activity to do as a family. Bookstart Toddler packs are aimed at 1-2 year-olds and Bookstart Pre-schooler packs are aimed at 3-4 year-olds.

Each pack contains two books, along with activities and games you can do to bring the book to life. You can find more ideas for using your pack below, as well as downloadable and printable versions of the pack resources.

BookTrust work to identify specific settings and practitioners across local authorities that support us to gift packs to families, such as health visiting teams, family hubs, and nurseries.

Not all families will receive Bookstart Toddler and Pre-schooler packs, but everyone can access BookTrust's free online resources via the BookTrust Family Hub, which features activities, read-along videos, book suggestions and advice on reading with your child.

Watch our videos to find out what other families are doing with their packs, and see a brilliant author reading of One Banana, Two Bananas.

Bookstart Toddler: using your pack

  • All packs contain the book Look at Me, plus either Where Are the Yellow Chicks, Spot? or Roar! Roar! I'm a Dinosaur!
  • Finger puppet Use it to tell the story – try pretending the puppet is one of the characters – or just use it to get your child talking
  • Look at Me! Stick your fingers through the holes so they look like the character’s legs
  • If you got Where are the Yellow Chicks, Spot?, see if your child can lift the flaps and find the chicks
  • Roar! Roar! I’m a Dinosaur! Make the dinosaurs dance by pulling the tabs – why not make dinosaur noises and see if your child can copy you?
  • If you fancy a rhyme, try out the ideas on the back of your pack. 

Activities and rhymes

Download now

Activity ideas related to the books in your pack.

Finger puppet

Download now

A finger puppet to help you bring stories to life.

Bookstart Pre-schooler: using your pack

  • Your child will love colouring in their headband with the pack of crayons. They can wear it to become a Roarsome Reader when you share stories together 
  • Follow the Trail: Minibeasts Encourage your child to explore the differently-textured trails – and use the peepholes to give them a hint of the next minibeast
  • One Banana, Two Bananas See if your child can count along, or count along with them
  • Try the Spot the Pairs activity on the back of the pack – can you find them in your minibeast book?

Read more about One Banana, Two Bananas

Read more about Follow the Trail: Minibeasts

Activities and rhymes

Download now

Activity ideas related to the books in your pack.


Download now

A headband for your child to colour in and wear during storytime and beyond.

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