One Banana, Two Bananas

Publisher: Farshore

It’s party time in Banana Bungalow! One banana, two bananas, three bananas, four… Eight bananas in pyjamas are bouncing on the bed when they spy a panorama of llamas outside, who invite them to join their llama race. As the race gets underway, more visitors arrive – including one who is rather partial to a banana or two… As chaos descends on this llama-banana-pyjama party, will this bunch of bananas escape the greedy monkey who’s in hot pursuit?

This wacky, rhyming tale is a joy to read out loud and just full of silliness and fun. The bright and bold illustrations offer lots to look at and laugh at, on every page, and lots of opportunity for counting the number of bananas, llamas and piranhas involved – yes, there are piranhas too.

An action-packed picture book with a counting element woven through the storyline that is sure to engage little ones – and probably big ones too!

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