The Bookbuzz 2022 books are here

We are so excited to share this year's Bookbuzz book selection with you!

Each Bookbuzz student can choose their book to take home and keep, and all Bookbuzz schools will get two copies of every book to boost their bookshelves.

Behind the scenes choosing the Bookbuzz books

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Discover the books included in Bookbuzz 2022

The Bookbuzz 2022 books are here! We've selected a wide variety of titles, from non-fiction reads for curious minds to fast-paced page-turners to make sure that Bookbuzz has something for everyone.

Each Bookbuzz student can choose their book to take home and keep, and all Bookbuzz schools will get two copies of every book to boost their bookshelves.

Waiting for Murder

Author: Fleur Hitchcock

Dan and his archaeologist mum are staying in a Westcountry village for the summer while she works on an ancient burial site that’s been revealed by the draining of the local reservoir. Dan is a bit bored, but as the reservoir’s water drops, a new secret is revealed: an old car. As it emerges from the water, Dan and his new friend Florence are certain there’s…

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The Astonishing Future of Alex Nobody

Author: Kate Gilby Smith Illustrator: Thy Bui

Alex has always felt she’s a little different. Home-schooled by an eccentric uncle until year 7, when she joins secondary school she finds it really hard to make friends. Even her teacher nicknames her ‘Alex Nobody’. Then there are the groups of oddly-dressed people that often seem to be following her – that’s not normal, right? But when she meets Jasper, ev…

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The Girl in Wooden Armour

Author: Conrad Mason Illustrator: George Ermos

Hattie knows her grandmother Dee is quite eccentric. But even after receiving a cryptic note from her, asking the family to visit, when Hattie arrives in the town of Brokewood, the last thing she expects to discover is a magical legacy she knew nothing about, and that Brokewood shares an otherworldly border with a nightmare world called the Un Forest.

A dead…

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Alex Rider Mission 13: Nightshade

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider thought he'd finally left his spying days behind him; but when a dangerous band of 'terrorists for hire' emerges onto the world stage, he's dragged into another risky undercover operation. The 13th book in the Alex Rider series, this slick and sophisticated spy drama which will thrill existing fans and convert new ones.

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You are a Champion

Author: Marcus Rashford and Carl Anka

England footballer Marcus Rashford shares tips and advice that he's learned on his journey from being a football-mad kid in Manchester to a sports megastar and political activist, as well as how to handle issues of confidence and anxiety.

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Orion Lost

Author: Alastair Chisholm

When her spaceship is attacked and all adults incapacitated, 13 year old Beth is appointed new Captain of the Orion. It's a role she's always dreamed of, but meteor storms and ruthless space pirates await... A thrilling futuristic journey full of twists and turns, perfect for older readers.

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Author: Jason Reynolds Illustrator: Selom Sunu

Athletics star Lu is generally pretty sure of himself – who he is and what he’s good at. But there’s suddenly a lot of change in his life. The big end-of-season championships are looming; his parents have dropped the bombshell that they’re having another kid; Coach has got him running hurdles but, after an embarrassing fall, he doesn’t seem able to jump them…

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Horror Heights: The Slime

Author: Bec Hill Illustrator: Berat Pekmezci

Connie is proud to be known as the ‘Queen of Slime’ at school and intends to keep it that way – even though her entire slime collection has now been confiscated by the teacher. Desperate to get a new slime to take to school next week, Connie resorts to making her own, using a recipe her dad gets off the internet. Things take a funny turn though: after she ad…

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Amber Undercover

Author: Em Norry

Shy, cool-headed Amber has just been chosen to be a spy by a mysterious agency - and before long she's sent to foil an evil cybercrime plot! Can she juggle friendship, family, and going undercover?

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When the Sky Falls

Author: Phil Earle

It's the Second World War and while everyone else is evacuated to the countryside, 12-year-old Joseph ends up in the city with a woman who owns a zoo. A beautifully written historical adventure story, which will take readers on an emotional and exciting journey.

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Wave Riders

Author: Lauren St John

Twins Jess and Jude wake one morning to find their yacht adrift and their guardian missing. Packed with half-truths, deception, red herrings, villainous baddies and a sense of ever-present threat, this is a mystery to keep readers guessing.

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My Big Mouth

Author: Steven Camden Illustrator: Chanté Timothy

Jay makes up stories in an attempt to look cool and to forget about his family troubles –until the stress of keeping up his new façade becomes overwhelming. A funny and entertaining cautionary tale for anyone who has been tempted to tell a little lie.

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Author: Kate Hale Illustrator: Andy Smith

The perfect book for any fact-lover, Factopia contains 400 different facts to discover and be wowed by, covering almost anything from nature to robots to the human body to space. Did you know that around 12% of people dream in black and white? That the Earth hums? That there is a hotel in America shaped like a potato?

Each fact is presented as a snippet on t…

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The House of Clouds

Author: Lisa Thompson Illustrator: Alice McKinley

Everything is feeling very upside-down in Tabby’s life right now. Not only has her best friend gone off and found another entirely different best friend, but since her grandad moved in, all her mum’s time seems to be occupied with looking after him. Plus Tabby finds her grandad and his strange stories quite irritating – she’s not a little child anymore, afte…

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Star Cat

Author: James Turner Illustrator: Yasmin Sheikh

This bright, super-fun graphic novel stars Captain Spaceington and his wacky crew as they travel the universe in their spaceship, the Star Cat.

Spaceington is desperate to win the much-coveted Bravest Captain Award, but every mission he’s sent on by Space HQ never quite works out the way it’s supposed to… Instead, the Star Cat has a habit of leaving a trail …

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Tragedy at Sea: The Sinking of the Titanic

Author: David Long Illustratoed by Stefano Tambellini

Shortly before midnight on April 14th, 1912, the world’s most luxurious (and probably most famous) ship, the Titanic, hit an iceberg while crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Britain to America. Even today, more than a hundred years later, it’s the biggest shipping disaster ever and a story that, although most people have heard it, continues to fascinate.

How c…

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Bad Panda

Author: Swapna Haddow Illustrator: Sheena Dempsey

If being good gets you sent to a zoo thousands of miles from home, maybe being bad will get you sent back? Anyone who’s ever been cuddled, smooshed or had their hair mussed up one too many times will empathise with Lin, who is tired of being adorable.

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