Steady for This

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Publisher: Hot Key Books

Shaun, aka MC Growls, wants to be a rapper. Partly because, as he says, ‘man’s got bars’. Partly for the money. His mum is always saying ‘no’ and it’s tough wearing shoes with holes. When practising for Raptology, a local rap battle, he accidentally livestreams an embarrassing situation and he and his mate Shanks become a laughing stock. Shanks doesn’t cope well with all the messages and jokes, and is cut off from Growls, who has no other friends. Then the council threatens to evict Shaun and his mum and brother from their flat…

All this would get anyone down, and Growls does end up confiding in the school counsellor, and hanging out with an understanding teacher during lunchtimes. Yet his infectious enthusiasm for life, and his hilarious way with words – sometimes intentionally funny, often not – means this is an engaging, positive and heart-warming read. This is an assured debut, written about and for the working class or minority boys who don’t see themselves in books and who might be on the verge of giving up reading for pleasure. Perfect for children in Years 7 and 8, particularly those who enjoy funny books. 

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