Something I Said

Publisher: Bloomsbury

When you have a brother who’s tall, dark, sporty and handsome, while you are short and freckly with a ginger afro, it pays to have a sense of humour. But Carmichael Taylor, known to his mates as Car, takes humour to a whole new level.

Smart, witty and articulate, Car has a way with words and will do absolutely anything to get a laugh. When his first "accidental" stand-up routine goes viral, it also causes upset and distress to almost everyone he knows. Is that a price he’s prepared to pay for fame? Or should he forget his dreams and keep his mouth shut?

Car Taylor is typical of many 13-year-olds whose ideas about their future don’t necessarily coincide with those of their parents. As his mum and dad (Mum, especially!) clamp down on things that might distract him from school work and good grades, Car becomes more determined, and more secretive, in his attempts to be his own person.

Essentially, Car’s story is about finding out through experience what is most important to you. It’s a great reminder that being able to make good decisions is a consequence of making bad ones and learning from them.

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