21% Monster

Publisher: Usborne

When 12-year-old Darren destroys his school with his bare hands, he is arrested and sent to a high-security juvenile prison. Here he is ‘rescued’ by Marek, who claims to be 19% alien and reveals that Darren is 21% monster. Marek explains that they were both created through Project Helix, a series of experiments conducted by secret organisation XSP, which modified human DNA to increase the strength and intelligence of the next generation. When 49 children died, Project Helix was shut down, and now XSP want to destroy all the evidence – including Darren and Marek.

The boys are very different: while Marek is logical and an intellectual genius, Darren is fast, strong and has exceptional instincts. They must combine their incredible, superhuman skills and work as a team if they are to stay one step ahead of the ruthless XSP agents, who will not stop until the boys are eliminated.

This action-packed science-fiction adventure is the first in what promises to be a thrilling series and will have readers on the edge of their seats. With extraordinary characters and some awesome futuristic technology, this gripping tale is sure to appeal to fans of Alex Rider and Percy Jackson.

Pan mae Darren, sy’n 12 oed, yn dinistrio’i ysgol gyda’i ddwy law, mae’n cael ei arestio a’i anfon i garchar tra diogel ar gyfer troseddwyr ifanc. Mae’n cael ei ‘achub’ gan Marek, sy’n esbonio bod y ddau ohonyn nhw wedi cael eu creu trwy Brosiect Helix, sef cyfres o arbrofion roedd y sefydliad cudd XSP wedi’u gwneud.

Mae’n rhaid i Darren a Marek gyfuno’u sgiliau goruwchddynol a gweithio fel tîm os ydyn nhw am aros un cam o flaen asiantiaid didrugaredd XSP, na fyddan nhw’n rhoi’r gorau iddi nes bo’r bechgyn yn cael eu dileu.

Gyda chymeriadau hynod ac ychydig o dechnoleg ddyfodolaidd arswydus, mae’r stori afaelgar hon yn sicr o apelio at edmygwyr Alex Rider a Percy Jackson.


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