The Soul Hunters

(4 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Puffin

Genna’s world is turned upside-down when she is attacked in a London park by a brutal gang, who seem intent on killing her. Thankfully, she escapes when a mysterious stranger comes to her aid. Terror combines with bewilderment when she is kidnapped by the same gang and, once again, rescued by the same young man. Introducing himself as Phoenix, he reveals that Genna is a First Ascendant, a reincarnating soul from the dawn of humankind. Reborn as her protector in each life, Phoenix must shield her from Tanas, an evil incarnate who is intent on extinguishing the light of humanity by destroying Genna’s soul.

Although Genna initially disbelieves him, they are relentlessly pursued by murderous Soul Hunters and memories of her past incarnations become more vivid, giving credence to Phoenix’s claims. However, despite feeling drawn to him, she senses that Phoenix is withholding information, so can she truly trust him?

Snapshots of Genna’s previous lives, such a Roman senator’s daughter, a Cheyenne horsewoman and a samurai warrior, enrich the tale and transport readers to different historical periods. With a thrilling plot, exciting characters and moderate violence, this fast-paced fantasy adventure is the first instalment of a riveting trilogy.

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