Robin Hood

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Publisher: Hot Key Books

Twelve-year-old Robin Hood is strong, agile and clever. His obsession with computers is equalled only by his passion for archery, which he combines with extraordinary parkour skills, racing across rooftops to deftly hit targets with his bow and arrow. He lives with his father and brother, Little John, in the dilapidated town of Locksley, which is dominated by two ruthless figures: brutal underworld boss Guy Gisborne and the corrupt Sheriff Marjorie of Nottingham.

When their dad is framed for robbery by Gisborne, Robin shoots the gangster with an arrow, leaving him badly injured and intent on revenge. The brothers are forced to flee to Sherwood Forest, where they must navigate through treacherous terrain and contend with the dangerous outlaws who have made it their home. As news of his attack on Gisborne spreads, Robin acquires legendary status and inspires others to rise up and rebel against years of persecution, intimidation and poverty.

This contemporary retelling of a classic tale is action-packed and violent with touches of humour. Exhilarating and unpredictable, the first adventure in this new series is sure to leave readers desperate for the next instalment.

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