Like a Charm

(3 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Knights Of

Ramya Knox is only five when she first encounters one of ‘them’. At a family party, an enigmatic stranger demonstrates the power to command the behaviour of all the unwitting guests around her. Ramya is apparently the only person in the room able to defy the mysterious woman’s seemingly innocuous requests.

Fast forward seven years and the death of Ramya’s beloved grandpa prompts her to discover an incredible truth – that extraordinary beings lurk behind the mundane day-to-day world we all see, disguised by something called Glamour. Her grandfather had been writing a book about them – and apparently it’s now up to Ramya to harness her own magic and continue his mission, entering the dangerous world of the Hidden Folk (tribes of kelpies, trolls and mermaids), armed only with the knowledge that she must ‘beware the Sirens’.

This is a magic-infused, middle-grade adventure – brilliantly well-paced and engaging, with drama and twists a-plenty. Ramya is a bright, determined, sassy and hugely likeable character who happens to be dyspraxic, while her cousin Marley provides a quiet and organised assistant, resulting in a satisfying dynamic. The city of Edinburgh provides the attractive contemporary backdrop with plenty of authentic detail that works brilliantly well alongside the magical realism of the story.

Readers of all ages will fall in love with this neurodivergent, beret-rocking protagonist. Thankfully, the promise of a sequel suggests that they can be reunited with her soon. 

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