New Caru Canu series helps children in Wales sing and rhyme

Published on: 03 September 2019

A new S4C series, made with the support of BookTrust Cymru, helps children in Wales sing and rhyme.

Twt Productions’ latest series, Caru Canu (Love to Sing) kicks off on S4C’s pre-school service, Cyw. The series was developed in partnership with BookTrust Cymru and Mudiad Meithrin.

Caru Canu rhyme mynd drot drot

This gorgeous animated series gives youngsters an opportunity to watch and sing along to traditional and contemporary nursery rhymes whist learning about animals, movement, numbers and the weather. And to those that need a little quiet time, there are lullabies to help them sleep.

Caru Canu rhyme oes gafr eto

20 great songs have been made available to view on Cyw, S4C’s online platform Clic, and on YouTube.

Song sheets and backing tracks, which will be an excellent resource for parents carers and teachers alike, can be found here

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