Watch or listen to the rhymes

We hope you are enjoying singing rhymes with your children. You can watch or listen to the rhymes from the 'It's Time to Rhyme!' calendar here. We've grouped all the rhymes by their weekly theme.

Week 1 Number Rhymes

Number rhymes are great for learning to count. The repetition is fun and helps children to learn the words.

Week 2 Action Rhymes

Making movements can help children to remember the words and to join in with rhymes.

Week 3 Animal Rhymes

Animal rhymes often include fun animal sounds which children love to make.

Week 4 Nursery Rhymes

These rhymes have been with us for generations. They often include words that are less common in everyday language and are a connection to the past.

Week 5 Rhymes All Day

Say these little rhymes at different times of the day. Make them part of your routine.