Book Talk

Use the Book Talk resources between the beginning of March and the end of June. The book chosen for Book Talk this year is Real Superheroes by Julia Seal.

You will receive a bilingual copy of the book and a set of high quality, interactive resources for every child registered to take part in the Pori Drwy Stori Nursery programme. Organise and use the resources in the way that suits your school or setting best. We recommend that that you spread the activities out over several weeks. Please use the online Practitioner Guide and the delivery letter included in your parcel to help you plan how and when you will use the activitie

Share information and build excitement

Book Talk poster

An A3 poster to help you share information with parents and carers.

Share information and build excitement

What am I? activity

A fun activity for children to help build excitement before you send the book and resources home.

Introducing Book Talk to families

Introducing Book Talk

A bilingual leaflet to introduce Book Talk to families, with some useful ideas and tips.

Practioner guide

Download the guide

How to make the most of Pori Drwy Stori Nursery: Key recommendations, ideas and examples of good practice.

Question card

Book Talk question card

To help you enjoy Real Superheroes together. A colourful sheet to help parents and carers enjoy reading with their children, talk about the book and ask questions.

Activity Sheet

Dress the Hero Activity

A fun activity related to Real Superheroes to encourage parents to play, talk and have fun with their child.

Activity sheet

Finger puppets activity

An activity to use with Real Superheroes before, during and after reading the book to encourage parents and carers to talk, play and have fun with their child.

Challenge cards

Fun challenges

Three challenge cards for children to complete at home to encourage them to keep on reading and sharing books, and to help maintain a strong home-school and setting link.

Watch Real Superheroes being read by the author

Feedback post card

Feedback post card

A fun feedback postcard to help develop and strengthen home-school and setting links and to encourage pupil voice.

Listen to Real Superheroes in Welsh