Could you live in a House with Chicken Legs? Take this quirky quiz!

Published on: 08 November 2018

Author Sophie Anderson guides us through these questions and answers to see if you've got what it takes to enter The House With Chicken Legs: a world of magic, music, spirits and parties!

The House with Chicken Legs (Usborne), written by Sophie Anderson, is on the Blue Peter Book Award shortlist for 2019!

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1. Houses with Chicken Legs often get up in the middle of the night and walk somewhere new. Would you like to wake in a different place?

A Yes! I love visiting new places.
B It would depend where the new place was!
C I would prefer my house to stay where it is.

2. A House with Chicken Legs needs a fence of skulls and bones. Could you build one?

A Of course! I like putting things together and am not squeamish.
B I could try.
C Building with skulls and bones? Ewwwww!

3. Houses with Chicken Legs have no electricity or technology. You would need to chop wood to make fire, use candles for light and carry water. Could you cope with this?

A It sounds fun!
B I’d miss some things, but I could get used to it.
C No TV? No computer games? No way!

4. Every night in a House with Chicken Legs, there is a party for spirits of the dead.

A Party? Spirits? Tell me more!
B That sounds a bit creepy.
C I’m not going!

5. Lots of food must be prepared for the parties. Do you enjoy cooking?

A I love it!
B Yes, but not every day.
C Can I order pizza instead?

6. At the parties, it’s important to listen to the spirits’ stories. Would you enjoy this?

A Yes, I love meeting people and hearing about their lives.
B It depends if they have interesting stories.
C I’d rather do something else.

7. The parties for the dead must be kept secret from the living. Can you keep a secret?

A Absolutely, my lips are sealed.
B Can I tell my best friend? Or my goldfish?
C Keeping secrets is impossible!

8. Living in a House that moves around the world means you can’t go to school. Could you take charge of your own learning?

A I love reading about all kinds of things, so if I had some books, I’d be fine.
B I think so, but some help would be nice.
C I wouldn’t do any work if I didn’t go to school!

9. It can be difficult making friends when you don’t stay in one place for long. How would this make you feel?

A Fine, I’m happy on my own.
B I might get lonely sometimes.
C I’d really miss having long-term friends.

10. A House with Chicken Legs is a living, thinking, feeling creature. What do you think it would be like to live inside one?

A Brilliant! I could talk to the House and play games with it!
B It would depend on what the House’s personality was like.
C It would be creepy. The House would always know what I was doing!

If you answered …

Mostly As… You are well suited to life in a House with Chicken Legs. You enjoy travelling and meeting people, and you are both hardworking and fun-loving. You’d be happy riding into the sunset on the House’s roof!

Mostly Bs… After some time adjusting to the new lifestyle, you would probably find living in a House with Chicken Legs quite fun! You are open to new experiences and are adaptable, so if you met the right House, you’d party with it into the night!

Mostly Cs… You are happy in your legless home in familiar surroundings with friends and family, which is good! You may not be ready to live in a House with Chicken Legs at this time, but you might enjoy reading about one!

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