Ribblestrop Forever

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

The pupils at Ribblestrop Towers are lawless, anti-establishment misfits -  but are overwhelmingly loyal to both their school and to one another, living by an instinctive, if unconventional, moral code.

In this final instalment of the Ribblestrop trilogy, eviction from the crumbling school building becomes an opportunity to uncover the history of a long-dead nomadic tribe. Visitations from troubled ghosts and a mad librarian lead to a dangerous quest across the wilds of Ribblemoor, but Inspector Cuthbertson is right behind them, determined to destroy Ribblestrop forever.

Ribblestop Forever is darker and less comedic than the first two books, but there are still plenty of hair-raising and hilarious adventures in store that will entertain readers at upper primary level. Whilst this story stands alone, for maximum enjoyment the series is best read in chronological order.

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