Books beginning with: R

  • Lifters

    Author: Joe Craig
    Publisher: Franklin Watts Ltd

    13-year-old Adaq and sister Maya make a slick team of 'lifters', stealing wallets from unsuspecting strangers in order to survive.

  • R is for Russia

    Author: Vladimir Kabakov Prodeepta Das
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

    Did you know that the underground railways in Moscow and St Petersburg are decorated with mosaics, paintings and even chandeliers? This book reveals fascinating facts about Russia.

  • Rabbit's Bad Habits

    Author: Julian Gough Illustrator: Jim Field
    Publisher: Hachette Children's Group

    Gentle Bear wakes up early from hibernation one day and decides to build a snowman. Grumpy, know-it-all Rabbit comes along, and then Wolf, too. A beautiful modern classic about friends and sharing.

  • Rabbits Don’t Lay Eggs

    Author: Paula Metcalf and Cally Johnson-Isaacs
    Publisher: Macmillan

    Rupert the rabbit is lonely - but when he burrows under the wall, and bursts out of the ground next to Dora the duck, nobody seems that impressed with his attempts to fit in. A charming board book about recognising our individual talents.

  • Rabbit's Nap

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    All Rabbit wants is to have a nap. But who is being so noisy? Lift the flaps to find out who is keeping Rabbit awake in Acorn Wood.

  • Rabbityness

    Author: Jo Empson
    Publisher: Child's Play

    This beautifully illustrated, simple book will engage young readers, and address the sorrow of any bereavement they experience.

  • Race to the Frozen North: The Matthew Henson Story

    Author: Catherine Johnson
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Penniless and shoeless, 11-year-old Matt leaves home and walks to Washington DC in search of a new life. Taken in by the kindly Janey, he helps in her café. But, entranced by a customer’s tales of adventure on the high seas, Matt starts to dream of sailing the world.

  • Radio Boy

    Author: Christian O’Connell
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    Spike starts a radio show from his shed, under an anonymous identity: 'Radio Boy'. A very funny book that will have tweens and upper primary school children in stitches, with real heart and well-rounded characters.

  • Radio Silence

    Author: Alice Oseman
    Publisher: Harper Collins

    When Frances meets Aled, the shy genius behind her favourite podcast, she experiences true friendship for the first time; unafraid to be herself. Then the podcast goes viral, and this fragile trust is broken. Highly recommended.

  • Rage Within

    Author: Jeyn Roberts
    Publisher: Macmillan

    Four teenage survivors of an earthquake that wreaked chaos struggle to stay alive in the apocalyptic world left behind.

  • Rags & Bones

    Author: Various Editor: Melissa Marr & Tim Pratt
    Publisher: Headline

    This anthology collects re-workings of classic stories by a number of well-known (and less-well-known) fantasy and science fiction writers.

  • RailHead

    Author: Philip Reeve
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    A sci-fi adventure about a petty thief who gets in way over his head when he's asked to infiltrate the Emperor's train.

  • Railsea

    Author: China Miéville
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    China Miéville is known for his brilliantly imaginative science-fiction and fantasy, and Railsea is no exception.

  • Rainbow Magic: Jae the Boy Band Fairy

    Author: Daisy Meadows
    Publisher: Orchard

    Best friends Kirsty and Rachel are dismayed when Jack Frost steals a magical golden microphone, causing boy band Me-2-U to be struck by stage fright. This tale in the popular Rainbow Magic series of fairy adventures will delight young children. 

  • Raining Fire

    Author: Alan Gibbons
    Publisher: Indigo

    Ethan hopes to escape his life on an inner-city estate, dominated by gangs. But when his brother is charged with assualt, Ethan finds himself drawn into a dangerous situation.

  • Raised by Wolves

    Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
    Publisher: Quercus

    Orphan Bryn has grown up among Callum's werewolf pack. Discovering a caged Were revives terrible memories for her and begins a thrilling and potentially deadly chain of events...

  • Raj and the Best Day Ever!

    Author: Seb Braun
    Publisher: Templar Books

    Dad and Raj have a brilliant day out planned - but things might not go entirely to plan. A vibrant read about a forgetful dad and his resourceful son that's fun for all the family.

  • Ralf

    Author: Jean Jullien Translator: Gwendal Le Bec
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

    Ralf the dog's long body has always been a hindrance - until the day a fire sweeps through his home. This gorgeous book is a great story about differences and acceptance, with funny and fabulous illustrations.

  • Ramadan Moon

    Author: Na'ima B Robert
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Childrens Books

    During Ramadan, Muslim families all over the world visit their mosques to listen to verses from the Koran. They will eat before dawn and will not eat again until after sunset.

  • Rampage in Prince's Garden

    Author: Francesca Simon Illustrator: Emily Bolam
    Publisher: Orion Children's Books

    Colourful and comical illustrations accompany this entertaining tale of four-legged mayhem, perfect for new readers.

  • Rani and Sukh

    Author: Bali Rai
    Publisher: Random House

    A vivid, fast-moving take on the Romeo and Juliet story, exploring the experience of young urban British Asians as they negotiate their way through two cultures

  • Rapido’s Next Stop

    Author: Jean-Luc Fromental Illustrator: Joelle Jolivet
    Publisher: Abrams

    Fourteen packages are sealed and packed in the Rapido van. The driver has a list of all the items. Can you help him sort out where to deliver all the objects?

  • Rapunzel

    Author: Jutta Ash
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Dazzling illustrations resembling jewel-encrusted tapestries accompany this retelling of the classic fairytale.

  • Rapunzel

    Author: Bethan Woollvin
    Publisher: Two Hoots

    Bethan Woollvin, winner of The Macmillan Prize for Illustration for Little Red Riding Hood, gives a 21st century twist to the traditional tale of Rapunzel: creating a strong, independent heroine who prefers to escape with a pony rather than a prince.

  • Rapunzel: Flip-up Fairy Tales

    Author: Simona Sanfilippo
    Publisher: Child's Play

    One of a series of ‘Flip-Up Fairy Tales’ which retell traditional stories with beautiful artwork and flaps to lift.

  • Rastamouse and Da Micespace Mystery

    Author: Michael De Souza Illustrator: Genevieve Webster
    Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

    Rastamouse and his reggae band return to solve the mystery of a computer hacker criminal. Modern references to MiTube, passwords, smartphones and online security will have adults chuckling at this clever, modern and hip story. 

  • Rastamouse and the Crucial Plan

    Author: Michael De Souza Illustrator: Genevieve Webster
    Publisher: Little Roots

    Rastamouse and his crime-fighting team save the day. Children will want their parents to read this book to them again and again, and happily, the adults won’t mind a bit. A brilliant, engaging and joyful story. 

  • Rat Runners

    Author: Oisin McGann
    Publisher: Corgi

    Crime is a way of life for Nimmo and the Rat Runners, who manage to avoid detection even in a city where everyone and everything are under constant surveillance.

  • Raven Boy

    Author: Pippa Goodhart
    Publisher: Catnip Publishing

    Raven Boy transports you back to 1666 and the remarkable tale of one young boy's effort to escape the difficulties of daily life.

  • Raven Boy and Elf Girl: Fright Forest

    Author: Marcus Sedgwick Illustrator: Pete Williamson
    Publisher: Orion Children's Books

    The first book in a magical new adventure series for younger readers from award-winning author Marcus Sedgwick, Fright Forest introduces us to dynamic duo Raven Boy and Elf Girl.

  • Raven Child and the Snow Witch

    Author: Linda Sunderland Illustrator: Daniel Egneus
    Publisher: Templar

    A stunningly illustrated story, reminiscent of Hand Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen, Anya's quest to find her mother and her befriending of animal friends along the way is a mythic tale you'll want to return to every winter.

  • Ravenwood

    Author: Andrew Fusek Peters
    Publisher: Chicken House

    Peters has dreamt up a surreal world which exists many centuries in the future, in the roots of the earth and many miles above it.

  • Ravi’s Roar

    Author: Tom Percival
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    When being the youngest and smallest gets too annoying, Ravi roars and turns into a tiger! But who wants to play with a tiger? An entertaining book about losing your temper and recovering from it.

  • Raymond

    Author: Yann and Gwendal Le Bec
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Colourful, clever and witty, Raymond offers something to readers of all ages. While essentially a story about a dog having a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, adults and older readers will pick up a meaningful message about the work/life balance.

  • Read Me and Laugh

    Author: Various Editor: Gaby Morgan
    Publisher: Macmillan Childrens books

    This is a collection of funny poems from a wide range of poets from Spike Milligan to Valarie Bloom, and Lewes Carroll to Michael Rosen.

  • Read Me Like a Book

    Author: Liz Kessler
    Publisher: Indigo

    Written 15 years ago, Kessler's novel is about 17-year-old Ash, discovering her sexuality and eventually coming out.

  • Read The Book, Lemmings!

    Author: Ame Dyckman Illustrator: Zachariah OHora
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Welcome aboard the S S Cliff with first mate Foxy, Captain Polar Bear and three little lemmings. According to Foxy’s book, lemmings don’t actually jump off cliffs. There’s just one problem: the lemmings haven’t read it. An absolute joy to read.

  • Ready Steady Mo!

    Author: Mo Farah and Kes Gray Illustrator: Marta Kissi
    Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

    If your children have Olympics fever, they are going to love Ready Steady Mo! Follow Little Mo on his adventures as he runs through parks, playgrounds and even space…

  • Real-Life Mysteries

    Author: Susan Martineau Illustrator: Vicky Barker
    Publisher: b small

    An ideal book for anyone who’s been intrigued by stories about sightings of Bigfoot, UFOs, crop circles, ghosts etc. A chance to examine the evidence and maybe solve a mystery.

  • Rebel Cats! Brave Tales of Feisty Felines

    Author: Kimberlee Hamilton
    Publisher: Scholastic

    This collection of incredible stories about fabulous felines from history and the present day takes readers around the world with stories of bravery, activism and the love and loyalty that all cat owners will recognise. 

  • Rebel Dogs! Heroic Tales of Trusty Hounds

    Author: Kimberlie Hamilton Illustrator: Various
    Publisher: Scholastic Children’s Books

    This enjoyable collection of true stories about remarkable dogs from around the world focuses on 30 hounds, each with their own astonishing tale. With an eclectic mix of dog-related facts, trivia, jokes and games and artwork from 17 different illustrators.

  • Rebel Heart

    Author: Moira Young
    Publisher: Marion Lloyd Books

    In this sequel to the post-apocalyptic Blood Red Road, a new, and perhaps more dangerous, enemy is threatening the fragile future of Saba and her family.

  • Rebel of the Sands

    Author: Alwyn Hamilton
    Publisher: Faber

    Rebel of the Sands is an original and thrilling fantasy novel full of adventure, myth and magic. It is a joy to immerse yourself in the fully developed world that Alwyn Hamilton creates - a blend of the Wild West and Arabian Nights.

  • Rebound

    Author: Kwame Alexander
    Publisher: Andersen

    It’s 1988 and Charlie Bell is 12 and going through the hardest time in his life. But while staying with his grandparents, he is introduced to basketball and jazz – and everything changes. Rebound is funny, moving and almost impossible not to read in one sitting.

  • Reckless: The Petrified Flesh

    Author: Cornelia Funke
    Publisher: Chicken House

    A dark and dangerous world peopled by dwarves, shape-shifting vixen, mythical beasts and stone Goyls lurks on the other side of the ornate mirror in Jacob's father's study.

  • Red Ink

    Author: Julie Mayhew
    Publisher: Hot Key

    This beautifully-written coming of age story interrogates family, identity, memory and the myths and superstitions we create for ourselves.

  • Red Leaves

    Author: Sita Brahmachari
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    Sita Brahmachari has created a beautiful tale of modern multicultural Britain. Her characters come from diverse backgrounds but are brought together by the common theme - they all feel they have been abandoned by someone they love.

  • Red Queen

    Author: Victoria Aveyard
    Publisher: Orion

    Mare is snatched from her simple Red life and dragged into the luxurious world of the Silvers. Will she stay true to her Red heritage or adopt the Silver lifestyle?

  • Red Red Red

    Author: Polly Dunbar
    Publisher: Walker Books

    This is a funny and relatable picture book about tantrums for parents and carers, who know all too well how little things can escalate – from wanting a biscuit to having a full-scale meltdown. Perfect for little ones who can feel overwhelmed by their emotions. 

  • Red River Stallion

    Author: Troon Harrison
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Amelia Otterchild Mackenzie, an orphan, has never seen a horse until the great red stallion Firefox rescues her from drowning. As her natural skill with horses becomes clear could this be the key that will lead Amelia to her missing father, a legendary horseman?

  • Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly

    Author: Sue Heap and Nick Sharratt
    Publisher: Penguin

    Nick and Sue have very different tastes: Nick likes red apples, Sue prefers green pears; Nick likes orange hair, but Sue likes purple hair.

  • Red Shadow

    Author: Paul Dowswell
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Misha's story brings history alive , in a page-turning tale of  loyalty, bravery, deception and love in Stalinist Russia.

  • Red Stars

    Author: Davide Morosinotto Translator: Denise Muir
    Publisher: Mondadori Libri

    An epic wartime drama set in the USSR in 1941 about truth and what it means to be a hero.

    Viktor and Nadia are 12-year-old twins. They live in Leningrad and share a diary; Nadia uses black ink, and Viktor red. When war breaks out the children are evacuated from the city before the bombs begin to drop. Nadia is assigned to train number 76, Viktor to train 77.…

  • Red, Cherry Red

    Author: Jackie Kay
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books

    Truthful, soulful and witty poems in this collection explore a theme of identity. Who are we? What reveals us? Is our identity bound up in where we live or in the dreams we hold?

  • Refuge

    Author: Anne Booth Illustrator: Sam Usher
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    This beautiful book follows Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus as they flee into Egypt as refugees. The gorgeous drawings and Booth's sparse, poetic words make this a Christmas book to treasure.

  • Refugee Boy

    Author: Benjamin Zephaniah
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Alem's father is Ethiopian and his mother is Eritrean, and there is a dangerous conflict raging between the two countries.

    For his own safety, Alem's father brings him to England to escape the dangers at home. At first, Alem is delighted to be having a holiday with his dad, until he wakes up one morning to find his father has left him in England alone.


  • Remade

    Author: Alex Scarrow
    Publisher: Macmillan

    As if it wasn't catastrophic enough that a deadly virus is obliterating all human and animal life on earth, this particular virus can think, reason and remake itself in the image of its victims. Gruesome, chilling and thought-provoking.

  • Remembrance

    Author: Theresa Breslin
    Publisher: Corgi

    Events of World War I are seen through the eyes of a group of teenagers from two Scottish families with very different social backgrounds.

  • Rent a Bridesmaid

    Author: Jacqueline Wilson Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
    Publisher: Doubleday

    Tilly's dream is to be a bridesmaid at her mum and dad's wedding, but until mum comes back, Tilly decides to offer to be a bridesmaid for hire. Jacqueline Wilson weaves a magical, tale of love, loss, diversity and friendship.

  • Replica

    Author: Jack Heath
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    This is a great, high octane, YA thriller with a strong-willed female protagonist.

  • Respect

    Author: Michaela Morgan
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Find out about Walter Tull - a hero on the football pitch and during World War One.

  • Retribution Falls: Tales of the Ketty Jay

    Author: Chris Wooding
    Publisher: Indigo

    Darien Frey is the captain of The Ketty Jay - a pirate spaceship whose disparate and dysfunctional crew make a living on the wrong side of the law.

  • Return

    Author: Aaron Becker
    Publisher: Walker Books

    A lonely little girl can't distract her hardworking dad, so she takes her amazing red pen and draws herself into an adventure. This imaginative, fantastical escapade is wordless, but overflows with creativity.

  • Return to the Secret Garden

    Author: Holly Webb
    Publisher: Scholastic

    The story of The Secret Garden is continued, moving forwards in time to the Second World War. Another lonely orphan arrives at Misselthwaite Manor, only to find another sickly child and to again find solace in the gardens.

  • Revolting Rhymes

    Author: Roald Dahl Illustrator: Quentin Blake
    Publisher: Penguin

    This is an hilarious collection of some well-loved fairy tales, cleverly reinvented by Roald Dahl.

  • Revolution

    Author: Jennifer Donnelly
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Andi leads a privileged life in New York but she's desperately unhappy; two years ago her beloved ten-year-old brother was killed and now her life is falling apart.

  • Revolver

    Author: Marcus Sedgwick
    Publisher: Orion Children's Books

    'They say dead men tell no tales, but they're wrong. Even the dead tell stories.'

  • Ribblestrop

    Author: Andy Mulligan
    Publisher: Simon and Schuster

    There’s a wonderful, anarchic energy to this funny, pacey, action-packed novel

  • Ribblestrop Forever

    Author: Andy Mulligan
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    In the final installment of the Ribblestrop trilogy, eviction from the crumbling school building becomes an opportunity to uncover the history of a long-dead nomadic tribe.

  • Ridiculous!

    Author: Michael Coleman Illustrator: Gwyneth Williamson
    Publisher: Little Tiger

    It is wintertime. Time for tortoises to sleep. But Shelley is not sleepy, and is eager to know what winter is like.

  • Riddle of the Runes

    Author: Janina Ramirez Illustrator: David Wyatt
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Alva is a strong, fierce and exciting heroine and this is an interesting approach to the well-known story of Vikings, which puts women at the centre of the story. An enjoyable adventure.

  • Ring of Roses

    Author: Mary Hooper
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Abby has just accepted a job looking after a baby in a rich London household - but it's the summer of 1665 and the Great Plague is about to sweep the city. This thrilling, dyslexia-friendly book is a a tense exploration of what it was like to live through the epidemic.

  • Riot

    Author: Sarah Mussi
    Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

    A thought provoking and compelling read. From the opening page, this fast paced novel feels like a rollercoaster ride, full of thrills and spills.

  • Rise Up: Ordinary Kids with Extraordinary Stories

    Author: Amanda Li Illustrator: Amy Blackwell designed by Kim Hankinson and Jack Clucas
    Publisher: Buster Books

    This is a fantastic and inspiring book, sharing the stories of normal kids from across the world and their amazing achievements. After the biographical information, there are interesting suggestions for activities based on that child’s message or passion.

  • Rising Stars: New Young Voices in Poetry

    Author: Various Illustrator: Riya Chowdhury Elanor Chuah and Joe Manners
    Publisher: Otter-Barry Books

    A new collection of poems from five young poets, all aged 26 and under. This selection of exciting and inspiring poems from young talent is guaranteed to get young minds working, and hopefully writing poetry of their own. 

  • River of Ink: Genesis

    Author: Helen Dennis
    Publisher: Hachette Children's Group

    River Boy is washed up on the banks of the River Thames, unable to find his voice or memory. The only things he can draw on are his visions and mysterious symbols. An exciting first book in a trilogy.

  • River of Ink: Zenith

    Author: Helen Dennis
    Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

    This is the second in the Rivers of Ink series, with Jed and Kassia on the run from the evil corporation NOAH. It is relentlessly fast-paced and full of interesting characters.

  • Riverkeep

    Author: Martin Stewart
    Publisher: Penguin

    An utterly compelling and masterful young adult fantasy, Riverkeep swallows the reader whole from the first page, immersing them in its atmospheric, watery, ghostly world and keeping them gripped to the end.

  • Roar Went the Lion

    Author: Joshua George Illustrator: Sarah Lawrence
    Publisher: Top That Publishing

    In this story of animal sounds, things are not quite what they’re supposed to be – the cow is baa-ing, the hen is woof-ing, the dog is bzzz-ing. Lots of fun to read aloud, this book will surely generate lots of giggles and noisy joining in. 

  • Roar!

    Author: Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe
    Publisher: Hachette

    With its appealing animal characters to slot into the correct environment, Roar! is a huge favourite amongst parents and young children alike.

  • Roar: A big-mouthed book of noises

    Author: Jonathan Litton Illustrator: Fhiona Galloway
    Publisher: Little Tiger Kids

    Something is giving animals a scare! Cat miaows, Frog croaks, Lion roars. A bright, engaging book and a great introduction to animal noises.

  • Robin's Winter Song

    Author: Suzanne Barton
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    A beautifully illustrated story about the changing seasons.

  • Robot Girl

    Author: Malorie Blackman
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Claire's dad is a top inventor. He has been working on a secret project. Claire is sad that her dad has been ignoring her whilst he has been working on his project...

  • Robot Stop!

    Author: Adam Bestwick Illustrator: Claire Evans
    Publisher: Fourth Wall Publishing

    When Robbie's dad builds a robot to help around the house, Robbie has his own plans for his mechanical friend - and they could get him into a lot of trouble!

  • Robot: Meet the Machines of the Future

    Author: DK foreword by Dr Lucy Rogers
    Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

    Organised in different sections, highlighting the history of robotics, robots in the home, robots in the workplace, surgical robotics and even “hero” robots, Robot is an excellent introduction to current robot technology and development. 

  • Rock War

    Author: Robert Muchamore
    Publisher: Hachette

    Teenagers Jay, Summer and Dylan couldn't be much more different, yet they all have something in common - music.

  • Rocketmole

    Author: Matt Carr
    Publisher: Scholastic

    When a brave mole sets off alone for the moon, he changes things on Earth, too. Parents and children will enjoy the inspirational message: you can inspire others if you try hard enough to make your dreams come true, and adventures are always better with friends. 

  • Rockoholic

    Author: C J Skuse
    Publisher: Chicken House

    Jody finds herself accidentally kidnapping an American rock idol and hiding him in her garage. But he turns out to be nothing like the lover of her dreams...

  • Roller Girl

    Author: Victoria Jamieson
    Publisher: Puffin

    It’s really exciting to be starting at Roller Derby summer camp, but less so when Astrid finds herself doing it alone. A fantastic full-colour graphic novel about friendship and awesome, strong girls, this a genuine joy to read. 

  • Roman Fort

    Author: Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    If you want to know how Roman roads were really built or you're interested in the ins and outs of Roman toilets then this is the book for you!

  • Romans on the Rampage

    Author: Jeremy Strong Illustrator: Rowan Clifford
    Publisher: Puffin

    Strong's hilarious and pun-filled text, and Rowan Clifford's numerous excellent comic illustrations provide an ideal introduction to Roman life.

  • Romeo and Juliet - Manga Shakespeare

    Author: Sonia Leong and William Shakespeare Adapted by Richard Appignanesi
    Publisher: Self Made Hero

    Set in modern Tokyo, with the Capulets and Montagues recast as organised-crime rivals, this racy retelling gets to the heart of the love story and the foolish rivalry that dooms it.

  • Roodica the Rude and the Famous Flea Trick

    Author: Margaret Ryan Illustrator: Sarah Horne
    Publisher: Catnip

    Princess Roodica is not gracious and well behaved like her sisters Foodica and Woodica, and certainly doesn't want to be nice to the bully Romans, much to her mothers distress.

  • Roodica the Rude: Who stole the river?

    Author: Margaret Ryan Illustrator: Sarah Horne
    Publisher: Catnip

    Roodica the Rude, youngest of three princesses, hates the Romans with a vengeance, especially when she finds they have dammed the river so she can no longer go for a swim.

  • Rooftoppers

    Author: Katherine Rundell
    Publisher: Faber and Faber

    Following an elusive cello melody over the rooftops of Paris, Sophie is determined to find her long lost mother, before it is too late.

  • Room on the Broom

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    From former Children's Laureate Julia Donaldson and longtime collaborator Axel Scheffler comes this much-loved tale about a witch and her gang of friends.

  • Room on the Broom and Other Songs

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
    Publisher: Pan Macmillan

    Clap your hands, tap your feet and join in with these songs for children, based on books ranging from 'Room on the Broom' to 'The Snail and the Whale'.

  • Rosa Parks - Little People, Big Dreams

    Author: Lisbeth Kaiser Illustrator: Marta Antelo
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

    The Little People, Big Dreams series does it again: this book about Rosa Parks is yet another astounding and eye-welling read that will make you cheer on a historical icon.

  • Rose Between Two Thorns

    Author: Anne Perry
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Rosie finds herself amongst staunch Puritans during the English Civil War in this accessible time-slip story.

  • Rose in the Blitz

    Author: Rebecca Stevens
    Publisher: Chicken House

    Rose finds herself in the war-torn London of the 1940s - right in the middle of the Blitz. Positive there is a reason she has been called back, she tries to solve the mystery and get back to her own time. A book about perseverance and hope.

  • Rose Under Fire

    Author: Elizabeth Wein
    Publisher: Electric Monkey

    When flying an Allied fighter plane from Paris to England, young American pilot Rose is captured by the Nazis and sent to a women's concentration camp.

  • Rose, Interrupted

    Author: Patrice Lawrence
    Publisher: Hodder

    A dramatic, thoughtful and compelling coming-of-age novel, in which 17-year-old Rose must learn to navigate the unspoken rules of a world increasingly focused on social media.

  • Rose’s Dress of Dreams

    Author: Katherine Woodfine Illustrator: Kate Pankhurst
    Publisher: Little Gems

    Bestselling children’s author Katherine Woodfine has created a beguiling, silky, beautiful tale based on the true story of the world’s first fashion designer, Rose Bertin. Perfect for any young fashion fans and for children just moving away from picture books.

  • Rosie Is My Best Friend

    Author: Ali Pye
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    A tale of Rosie and her best friend, who spend every day together and go on lots of adventures – with a twist at the end to delight young readers. A heartwarming, joyful and fun tale of friendship. 

  • Rosie Loves Jack

    Author: Mel Darbon
    Publisher: Usborne Books

    Sixteen-year-old Rosie (who has Down’s syndrome) is devastated when circumstances separate her from boyfriend Jack (who has some brain injury-related anger management issues). An absorbing read with a powerful and convincing affection at its centre.

  • Rosie Revere, Engineer

    Author: Andrea Beaty Illustrator: David Roberts
    Publisher: Abrams

    Rosie Revere dreams of becoming a great engineer. She creates wonderful gadgets and gizmos - but only when no one is watching.

  • Rosie's Walk

    Author: Pat Hutchins
    Publisher: Random House

    As Rosie walks round the barnyard, she is completely unaware of the sly, but clumsy fox following right behind her.

  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat

    Author: Annie Kubler
    Publisher: Child's Play (International)

    Actions to accompany the verses are demonstrated in lively watercolour illustrations of bright and cheerful babies, bursting with energy.

  • Royal Rebel

    Author: Carina Axelsson
    Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd

    An empowering and fun, relatable read for tweens, Royal Rebel presents a young girl growing up in a matriarchal community and navigating family responsibilities alongside school, friends and being herself.

  • Rubbish Town Hero

    Author: Nicola Davies
    Publisher: Corgi Children's

    This is an absorbing, powerful and ultimately uplifting story about children living on their wits in a harsh environment, searching for the love and security a real family can give them

  • Rubies in the Snow

    Author: Kate Hubbard
    Publisher: Short Books Ltd

    This is an approachable introduction to the Romanov's story. The Anastasia this fictional diary portrays is attractive – a bright, chatty child, blamelessly caught up in the tide of world history.

  • Ruby Holler

    Author: Sharon Creech
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Dallas and Florida are the oldest children in the Boxton Creek Home. Disillusioned, they have low expectations of their latest placing - but Tiller and Sairy Morey are an unusual couple.

  • Ruby in the Ruins

    Author: Shirley Hughes
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Shirley Hughes’ touching tale of the aftermath of World War Two is told simply and with sensitivity to the feelings of a little girl whose whole life so far has been lived against the violence. A perfect picture book to use with younger ones when talking about the war. 

  • Ruby Redfort: Blink and You Die

    Author: Lauren Child
    Publisher: Harper Collins

    Ace undercover agent and code-cracker Ruby Redfort returns for her final adventure. Agent Bradley Baker is dead and a traitor is also suspected amongst the Spectrum agents. 

  • Ruby Redfort: Catch Your Death

    Author: Lauren Child
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

    The third in the Ruby Redfort series, Catch Your Death is another great instalment of the popular crime mystery series which, as with all the books, features extra code and science-related content at the end.

  • Ruby Redfort: Feel the Fear

    Author: Lauren Child
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

    The fourth in the Ruby Redfort series is just as full of high jinks as the rest, and has a welcome focus on Ruby’s physical adventuring as well as her intelligence. As ever, the end pages feature additional puzzle/activity content.

  • Ruby Redfort: Look Into My Eyes

    Author: Lauren Child
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

    Blessed with an extraordinary talent for spotting things which others seldom notice, 13-year-old Ruby lands an undercover job as a code-breaker for secret-spy organisation, Spectrum.

  • Ruby Redfort: Pick Your Poison

    Author: Lauren Child
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

    The penultimate instalment of this phenomenally popular series sees our codebreaking, wisecracking and, this time, kung-fu fighting heroine on form in a clever, funny book that moves the overall story one more step towards the big conclusion.

  • Ruby Redfort: Take Your Last Breath

    Author: Lauren Child
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

    In the second instalment of the wisecracking, code-breaking, all-round super spy Ruby Redfort’s adventures, our heroine is all at sea. Literally. Another fabulous adventure with a genius of a girl protagonist.

  • Ruby's Worry

    Author: Tom Percival
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Ruby loves being Ruby. Until, one day, she finds a worry – and it won't stop growing. How can Ruby get rid of it and feel like herself again? A very beautiful, sensitive look at anxiety and how a problem shared is a problem halved. 

  • Rugby Academy

    Author: Tom Palmer Illustrator: David Shephard
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    A high-stakes rugby drama, with memorable characters on and off the pitch, presented in a super-readable collection of three linked stories.

  • Rugby Flyer

    Author: Gerard Siggins
    Publisher: O’Brien

    Vividly drawn, engaging characters and short, sparky chapters keep the action fast-paced in this absorbing story set at a rugby school. It combines exciting sport tension, historical mystery and a ghost story.

  • Rules for a Knight

    Author: Ethan Hawke Illustrator: Ryan Hawke
    Publisher: Random House

    On the eve of battle, Sir Thomas Lemuel Hawke of Cornwall writes a letter to his children on how to live well, like a knight. The book's short, standalone chapters are crammed with note-perfect proverbs and tender moments.

  • Rules of Summer

    Author: Shaun Tan
    Publisher: Lothian Children's Books

    An excellent book illustrating 'what I learned last summer' that would be an inspiring addition to any bookshelf.

  • Rumbelow's Dance

    Author: John Yeoman Illustrator: Quentin Blake
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Rumbelow is dancing on his way to his grandparents' house - and soon, everyone else is joining in to dance too.

  • Rumble in the Jungle

    Author: Giles Andreae Illustrator: David Wojtowycz
    Publisher: Orchard Books

    • You'll enjoy this chunky board book edition of a popular book.
    • The story is packed with rhymes, animals and humour.
    • This is a fun, noisy book that children will love to join in with

    Try our interactive storybook

  • Rumble! Roar! Let’s Build

    Author: Carlos Ballesteros
    Publisher: QED

    A beautifully produced board book showing the noisy vehicles at work on a building site. A lovely little book to capture the attention of any babies showing an interest in diggers and building vehicles… Or anything noisy!

  • Rumblestar

    Author: Abi Elphinstone
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    The vast sky kingdom of Rumblestar is the magical backdrop for the first roaring adventure of the Unmapped Chronicles series. This is a story of tremendous courage, determination and friendship that is surely destined to become a classic.

  • Run

    Author: Kody Keplinger
    Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

    When Bo shows up at Agnes's house on the run, her best friend doesn't hesitate to go with her. After all, Bo is the first person to not treat her blindness as a burden. ­A brilliant YA story of friendship and two girls figuring out who they really are.

  • Run the Show Like CEO Oprah Winfrey

    Author: Caroline Moss Illustrator: Sinem Erkas
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

    Following Oprah from her beginnings as the first black news anchor in Nashville to her first break on TV, this amazing illustrated biography gives us the life of a formidable and deeply inspiring woman. 

  • Run Wild

    Author: Gill Lewis
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Looking for somewhere secret to practice skateboarding, Izzy and Asha ignore the ‘Danger! Do Not Enter’ signs posted around the derelict gasworks. Sneaking inside along with Izzy’s little brother Connor, they discover an amazing hidden urban wilderness. The girls practice their board skills while Connor explores the scrubland, finding cormorants, beetles… an…

  • Run, Jimmy, Run

    Author: Malachy Doyle
    Publisher: A&C Black

    Dax is a consummate bully, Jimmy his victim

  • Runaway Robot

    Author: Frank Cottrell-Boyce Illustrator: Steven Lenton
    Publisher: Macmillan

    Alfie has one hand; Eric has one leg. Can a small boy and a giant, police car-crushing robot ever be friends? And do bad things in your past have to destroy your future? Hilarious, complex and hugely satisfying.

  • Runelight

    Author: Joanne Harris
    Publisher: Corgi Children's

    In the second of this intelligent and humorous fantasy series, we meet Maggie Rede, living among the ruins of Universal City, who also bears a mysterious runemark.

  • Runemarks

    Author: Joanne Harris
    Publisher: Corgi

    The runemark on her hand has always marked Maddy as an outsider.

  • Runners

    Author: Ann Kelley
    Publisher: Luath Press

    In a not too distant future in which the oceans have risen and resources are scarce, 14 year-old Sid is trying to keep himself and his five year-old sister Lo safe from harm.

  • Running from the Rainbow

    Author: Karen McCombie
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    In this touching story, Rosie decides to reinvent herself when she moves to a new town and starts a new school.

  • Running Girl

    Author: Simon Mason
    Publisher: David Fickling

    Simon Mason turns his hand to crime writing in this fast-paced, action-packed and wonderfully engaging whodunnit.

  • Running on Empty

    Author: S E Durrant Illustrator: Rob Biddulph (front cover)
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    Twelve-year-old AJ lives within a stone’s throw of the London Stadium, and his dream is to one day run there. However, his parents have learning difficulties, mounting bills, and are struggling to cope. A powerful book: convincing, uplifting and immensely readable.

  • Running on the Cracks

    Author: Julia Donaldson
    Publisher: Egmont

    Julia Donaldson's first novel for young adults is a tense thriller about a runaway. Donaldson addresses numerous issues in her gripping text, including abuse, mental health, mixed-race families and, above all, loyalty.

  • Running on the Roof of the World

    Author: Jess Butterworth
    Publisher: Orion

    A richly atmospheric story of friendship, courage and survival. It provides a rare insight into Tibetan culture and raises timely questions about the nature of freedom.

  • Russian Roulette

    Author: Anthony Horowitz
    Publisher: Walker Books

    An international contract killer has been given his orders. His next target is a fourteen-year-old spy by the name of Alex Rider. 

  • Ryan Higa’s How to Write Good

    Author: Ryan Higa and Sarah Tomlinson (ghostwriter) Illustrator: John Nugroho
    Publisher: Little Brown

    Those unfamiliar with internet sensation Higa may be surprised to find themselves completely won over by him. This book is funny, sad and filled with hope.

  • Rhinos Don't Eat Pancakes

    Author: Anna Kemp Illustrator: Sara Ogilvie
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Books

    A lovely take on the importance of listening to your children from the prize-winning creators of Dogs Don't Do Ballet

  • Rhyme Flies

    Author: Antonia Pesenti Illustrator: Ed Boxall
    Publisher: Phaidon

    This arty rhyme book for babies is full of surprises, featuring rhymes that no one will see coming! The glossy board book format is really robust and the fold-out flap pages are easy for little fingers to turn. Definitely a book to share and laugh over together.

  • Rhythm and Poetry

    Author: Karl Nova Illustrator: Joseph Witchall
    Publisher: Caboodle Books

    The author’s passion for words and music leaps off the page in this stunning, relevant and accessible book from award-winning hip hop poet Karl Nova, which may well inspire readers to pick up a pen or a microphone and have a go at writing.