Kay's Anatomy: A Complete Guide to the Human Body

Publisher: Penguin

Written by a former doctor, who is also the best-selling author of the adult non-fiction insider’s view of the NHS: This is Going to Hurt, Kay’s Anatomy covers human biology in a jokey style full of one-liners and packed with fascinating (and sometimes disgusting) facts.

Readers explore bodily functions, genes and germs in way similar to the Horrible Science books, and Kay also briefly explains puberty in a light-hearted but empathetic way. Whilst many books about human biology are aimed at younger readers, this book offers older children and teenagers information about the human body at a more advanced level. Readers who are taking biology GCSE will find this a fun way to revise.

Kay’s Anatomy is an accessible, entertaining book about human biology for slightly older readers. It would make a useful addition to both primary and secondary school libraries. 

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