Prisoners of Geography: Our World Explained in 12 Simple Maps

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Russia has long worried about attack from the west, where its flat land has left it open to incursion from Poland, Sweden, France and Germany. Historically Russia has considered attack to be the best form of defence, creating more secure borders by expanding into other neighbouring countries.

Meanwhile the balanced climate of north-west Europe means the region is able to grow successful crops all year round, feed its population and provide the natural resources which supported the Industrial Revolution, creating great wealth in those nations. 

Geopolitics – the study of how physical landscapes affect international relations – may not seem an obvious subject for a children’s book, but this new children’s version of an adult Sunday Times bestseller is an absolutely fascinating read, pitched perfectly for eight to eleven-year-olds. Younger readers will look at maps in a whole new way as they begin making the connections between geography, power and politics.

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