Is There Anybody Out There?

Publisher: Scholastic

The question of whether there is life anywhere else in the universe has puzzled humans for hundreds of years. Logically, as the scientist Enrico Fermi postulated, as space is infinite and contains an infinite number of planets, another life form must be out there somewhere. But where are they?

Dara O'Briain's entertaining book considers what we currently know about space and explains various scientific theories in an accessible way for children (the spheres of protection around the earth, such as the earth's magnetic field, the heliosphere and the earth's atmosphere; what tardigrades are and how they are presently living on the moon with the poo of the Apollo 11 crew; forces, friction and even black holes) so that they can start to understand the possibilities of space travel and what sightings of aliens might really mean.

The conclusion is hopeful: we are currently the most knowledgeable generation of humans in millions of years, so while the chance of finding alien life is remote, it's not impossible.

A science enthusiast himself, comedian O'Briain writes science peppered with jokes which help him make his point about how fascinating space and the search for alien life are.

The book also features an ongoing comic featuring a girl's scientific adventures, and the Wimpy Kid/Tom Gates style text means reading isn't boring.

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