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Prize-winning books to read from 2018

Real-Life Mysteries

Every year, there are loads of brilliant book prizes that celebrate the work of all the amazing children’s authors and illustrators writing for children, tweens, teens and young adults.

This list has been created from all the fantastic books that have won awards over the last year and come fully recommended for your child.

So, without further ado, here are all the winning books in one handy round-up!

Let us know what would win the award for your favourite children’s book of the year @BookTrust.

  • The Wizards of Once

    Author: Cressida Cowell
    Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

    Wish is a girl from a warrior tribe and Xar is a boy from a wizard tribe, living in a world loosely based on Ancient Britain at the beginning of the Iron Age, but where magic is real. A fabulously imaginative, funny and unpredictable adventure. 

  • Real-Life Mysteries

    Author: Susan Martineau Illustrator: Vicky Barker
    Publisher: b small

    An ideal book for anyone who’s been intrigued by stories about sightings of Bigfoot, UFOs, crop circles, ghosts etc. A chance to examine the evidence and maybe solve a mystery.

  • Colin and Lee: Carrot and Pea

    Author: Morag Hood
    Publisher: Two Hoots

    Colin is a carrot, and Lee is a pea. An amusing and deceptively simple look at friendship and difference, this is a lovely book for young readers.

  • Welcome to Nowhere

    Author: Elizabeth Laird
    Publisher: Pan Macmillan

    Omar doesn't know much about politics, nor does he care, however, when his older brother, Musa, throws his lot in with the student opposition to the government, everything changes.

  • We Come Apart

    Author: Sarah Crossan and Brian Conaghan
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Written in free verse, this dual narrative story goes straight to the heart of Jess and Nicu’s friendship, exploring their feelings with immediacy and heart. Readers will be rooting for their star-crossed romance from the beginning.

  • The Muslims

    Author: Zanib Mian
    Publisher: Sweet Apple Publishing and Muslim Children's Books

    When class bully Daniel tells Omar to go back to his own country, he's not sure how - he's never been there, he can't speak the language, and the pizza is yuck! A funny, warm story that will appeal to fans of Tom Gates.

  • Lots: The Diversity of Life on Earth

    Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Emily Sutton
    Publisher: Walker Books

    This is a book to pore and ponder over, from reading the story to picking out the different creatures in each picture, to reading the funny and fascinating animal names.

  • The Explorer

    Author: Katherine Rundell Illustrator: Hannah Horn
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Fred, Con, Lila and little Max’s plane is on the way to Manaus when it falls out of the sky. Now, lost in the Amazon rainforest, they must figure out the basics of survival. Rundell’s writing is exquisite and this story is completely, utterly wonderful.

  • I Have No Secrets

    Author: Penny Joelson
    Publisher: Egmont Children’s Books

    Fourteen-year-old Jemma has severe cerebral palsy and is non-verbal. She lives with her foster family and has a cherished friend in her carer Sarah. But with Dan, Sarah's boyfriend, things aren't what they seem. A fast-paced and accessible thriller.

  • Kick

    Author: Mitch Johnson
    Publisher: Usborne

    Budi works in a footwear factory in Indonesia, making the football boots he longs to wear but is unlikely to ever be able to afford. The harsh divide between rich and poor is examined sensitively in this moving book about one child’s struggles. 

  • Rhythm and Poetry

    Author: Karl Nova Illustrator: Joseph Witchall
    Publisher: Caboodle Books

    The author’s passion for words and music leaps off the page in this stunning, relevant and accessible book from award-winning hip hop poet Karl Nova, which may well inspire readers to pick up a pen or a microphone and have a go at writing.

  • The Hate U Give

    Author: Angie Thomas
    Publisher: Walker

    The Hate U Give is rightly named by many critics as one of the most important books of 2017. It's a profound, deeply compelling modern-day classic that explores race in America.

  • My Name is not Refugee

    Author: Kate Milner
    Publisher: The Bucket List

    When they reach a safe place, a little boy must remember that although children call him Refugee, that is not his real name. Clear, moving illustrations complement this simple, touching book that explains the refugee crisis in an accessible way.

  • The Song from Somewhere Else

    Author: AF Harrold Illustrator: Levi Pinfold
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Frank is being bullied - for what, she's not sure. Being smart? Being different, perhaps. One day, after her bike is thrown in the middle of a huge patch of stinging nettles, Nick comes to her aid. A magical and beautifully strange tale.