Booklists beginning with: P

  • Books about depression

    If you're a parent or carer with depression, the fiction books below may help your child talk about their feelings and understand what's going on a bit better.

  • Books celebrating the joy of books!

    These delightful picture books celebrate the joy of books and reading.

  • Dark romance

    Taking a range of different approaches to the dark romance genre, these are all compelling novels combining love and passion with supernatural mystery.

  • Penguin books for Penguin Awareness Day

    It's Penguin Awareness Day, so, we've put together a booklist full of books about penguins, so you can get to know more about the flightless birds and love everything they're about.

  • Picture books about birds for National Bookstart Week 2018

    To celebrate this year's Bookstart Bird Boogie, we've put together a list of some of our favourite feathered-friend tales. From classics like Owl Babies, to a book full of birdsong and a wild goose adventure, they'll have little ones flocking for a story.

  • Plants and gardens

    We celebrate books about the power of flowers and great gardening.

  • Poetry books for the Poetry Friendly Classroom

    Take a look at some of our favourite children's poetry books - perfect for use in the poetry-friendly classroom.

  • Politics, freedom of choice, and the big issues

    These books are a great way to get secondary school aged children engaged with issues of politics and human rights.

  • Prize-winning books to read from 2018

    This list has been created from all the fantastic books that have won awards over the last year and come fully recommended for your child.

  • Pyjamarama: brilliant bedtime stories

    There's nothing quite as magical as a bedtime story. As part of Pyjamarama, our celebration of bedtime stories, we've put together a list of brilliant bedtime reads that little ones - and grownups - will love.