The Colours of History

Publisher: QED Publishing

Who would have thought a book about colour could be so interesting? Each brightly coloured page brings another shade of colour to life. Using pantone samples, this book teaches us about origins and uses for over 20 different colours to illustrate the history of colour. From red to green to purple, this is a book which covers everything.

It’s full of fascinating facts from start to finish. These include everything from how pink was originally considered a masculine colour and not suitable for girls to how "mummy brown" was actually made from real mummies.

This full-colour book focuses on a topic that is not often covered in children’s books. It offers a wide range of opportunities and new ideas for parents and schools, working across the curriculum through art, history and beyond. This book would be a great addition to any classroom, school library or home. It's also a perfect gift for any budding artists or art historians who want to learn more about colours!

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