The Storm Keeper’s Island

(3 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Fionn Boyle and his older sister Tara are about to spend their summer on the remote island of Arranmore, off the coast of Ireland, staying with their grandfather. Tara, having been there the summer before, already has friends and knows many of the island’s secrets.

It’s Fionn’s first visit, and not only has Tara kept loads of information from Fionn, she abandons him with their grandfather pretty much from the moment they arrive. Left to himself, Fionn ends up learning more about the island and who his grandfather really is – the Storm Keeper whose role is to protect the island from a dark magic buried centuries ago. 

But Fionn’s grandfather is getting weaker in his old age, and the island is looking for a new Storm Keeper to tackle the storm brewing at its core.

The magic of Arranmore island is truly unique, as is the ability for Fionn and his grandfather to revisit different layers – or points in the island’s history – by burning candles made from previous Storm Keepers. Readers will be swept away by the setting and atmosphere of Arranmore as Fionn discovers its history and secrets, leading to a dramatic ending that will leave children clambering for book two.

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