Your packs and how you can use them

Plus, find out about the books that can help you get families started on their own reading adventures.

For you, our partners

Bookstart Storyteller pack

A set of books, resources, activities and props for you to use to lead children and families on storytelling adventures. Please note: some partners will receive packs containing books only, and can find the activity cards to download here.

Storyteller Pack with Puppet on WHITE

Find out about the books in your Storyteller pack

For our families

Bookstart Toddler Family pack

This pack is aimed at children aged 1-2 and their families, to help them discover and share books together. The pack contains two books, activity and rhyme cards, and a finger puppet to help bring stories to life.

Bookstart Pre-Schooler Family pack

This pack is aimed at children aged 3-4 and their families, to help them continue to enjoy shared reading. The pack contains two books, activity and rhyme cards, and a Roarsome Reader headband to colour in and wear.

  • These packs are designed especially for families facing disadvantage, who may need a hand to get started with reading, but they’re a gift you can share with anyone you think will benefit from them.

Using your packs: tips and ideasBoy and mum at library

Books are not a natural part of family life for everyone. By showing families how fun and easy sharing stories can be, as well as helping them understand how it makes a difference, you can play a pivotal role in starting them on their own reading journeys. 

You might try:

  • Letting families know that there’s no ‘wrong way’ to enjoy stories and books together. They don't have to sit quietly and read a book cover-to-cover – just looking at the pictures and chatting about what they see can open up a whole new world for their child.
  • Showing families how sharing stories can start conversations with their child, how books and stories can be a catalyst to having different conversations – about their feelings, about what they see in the park, about the weather, about near-enough anything!
  • Pointing out to parents and carers where their little one is enjoying the story, even in unexpected ways – looking at the pictures, laughing at silly voices – and reassure them that their child is getting something out of it.
  • Letting families know that reading doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s about enjoying books and stories together in any way that works for them.

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