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BookTrust Cymru Storytime FAQs

  • What is BookTrust Cymru Storytime?

    BookTrust Cymru Storytime is a pilot programme, designed to support libraries to inspire low-income families with children aged 0-5 to share stories together and make visiting their local library part of everyday life.

  • What will my library receive?

    Selected libraries will receive one copy of each of the six BookTrust Cymru Storytime books as well as resources to promote the library as a welcoming and interactive space.

    Libraries will also have access to a range of physical and digital resources to share with families on their story sharing journey.

  • When will I receive resources (print and digital)?

    Print resources should have been received in February 2023 with access to digital resources to follow from April 2023.

  • Who is BookTrust Cymru Storytime for?

    We hope all families with under 5s who visit the library will enjoy BookTrust Cymru Storytime resources and experiences. It is not BookTrust's intent to exclude any families from enjoying the BookTrust Cymru Storytime experience.

    However, it is important to note that BookTrust Cymru Storytime is specifically designed to engage lower-income families who would not usually use library services - whether they are first-time visitors or families who aren't regular users.

    In this and other BookTrust programmes we have a particular focus on supporting lower-income families. We know that families facing disadvantage stand to benefit most from developing an early shared reading habit.

  • How can I get involved with the BookTrust Cymru Storytime learning?

    BookTrust Cymru Storytime is a pilot, so we'd love you to let us know what's working and what could be better. We'll get in touch with libraries who are taking part directly to discuss this.

  • What if I have any further questions about BookTrust Cymru Storytime?

    If there's anything else you'd like to know about BookTrust Cymru Storytime, please get in touch via [email protected].