Our Pori Drwy Stori Celebration Winners!

Published on: 10 March 2020 Author: BookTrust Cymru

On Friday February 28th the Pori Drwy Stori explorers went on an adventure to Newport to meet the amazing rhymers at St Andrews Primary School.

Dewr Dafis and Aled Antur sang, rhymed and shared a story with the Reception children and their teachers to reward them for the creative work they’ve been doing with the Pori Drwy Stori Reception programme this year.

Dewr and Aled were so excited to join pupils at St Andrews Primary. They travelled through rain, snow and wind to get to the school and had a fantastic time sharing some of their favourite rhymes, songs and tongue twisters from the Pori Drwy Stori Rhyme Challenge. Aled Antur was no match for the children as he challenged them to repeat the tongue twister 'Yellow Butter, Purple Jelly' as fast as they could!

It was such a treat for Dewr and Aled to meet the children and they were so inspired by the children’s confidence as they performed some of the songs they had enjoyed the most from the Rhyme Challenge for the explorers.

'We were blown away by some of the children who performed Welsh and English language songs and rhymes on their own, they were amazing!' Dewr Dafis

Reception classes have now received their Pori Drwy Stori Boomerang Book Bags and the explorers enjoyed sharing The Cave by Rob Hodgson with the pupils as part of the celebration event. Some of the children reassured Aled Antur when he got a bit scared about the creature in the cave and everyone had fun sharing the book together. Diolch to all the Reception children and teachers at St Andrews Primary!

We can’t wait to see what exciting things the children from St Andrews Primary and Reception classes all over Wales do with the rest of the Pori Drwy Stori programme this year. Please share your Pori Drwy Stori adventure with us!

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The Pori Drwy Stori programme is designed and delivered by BookTrust Cymru and is funded by the Welsh Government. Pori Drwy Stori Reception is available to all maintained schools with no sign-up necessary.

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