The Rhyme Challenge

Welcome to the Rhyme Challenge, part of BookTrust Cymru's Pori Drwy Stori programme. Join us on a journey through rhymes and songs!

We’ve chosen 10 fun and varied rhymes in English and Welsh for you to enjoy with your Reception class. Choose the rhymes that will best suit your class, chart your progress on the Rhyme Journey poster, watch our exciting videos online and reward your class with their Rhyme Challenge certificates.

The Rhyme Challenge has been designed to be used in school and at home and to engage parents and carers.

Rhyme Challenge poster illustrated by Matt JoyceThe Rhyme Challenge poster showing weekly progress: Illustrations by Matt Joyce

The Rhyme Challenge teacher guide

Download the teacher guide

A simple guide to the Pori Drwy Stori Rhyme Challenge. Find out more about what you will receive and ideas about how to use the programme.

The Rhyme Challenge Booklet

Download the Rhyme Challenge Booklets

For children to take home. These booklets include information for parents and carers about the Rhyme Challenge, with rhymes, songs and poems for children to learn.

The Rhyme Challenge Journey Poster

Download the poster

To use in classrooms to record the rhymes you learn each week.

The Rhyme Challenge certificate

Download the Rhyme Challenge Certificates

To give to each child at the end of the Rhyme Challenge to celebrate their achievements.