Watch or listen to the rhymes for the Pori Drwy Stori Reception Rhyme Challenge

Reception children! The Pori Drwy Stori explorers cannot wait for you to join them on a journey through rhymes and songs.

You can watch or listen to the Rhyme Challenge weekly rhymes here.


Little explorers at sea

Week 1: Number Rhymes

Number rhymes are great to help your child practice counting. Children love the repetition and it helps them learn the words.

Week 2: Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes and traditional songs have been with us for generations. They are simple, fun stories.

Week 3: Tongue Twisters

These have lots of words and songs to get your tongue around! Don’t worry if you get things wrong – just have fun with the words!

Week 4: Action Rhymes

Actions help children remember the words and join in. Learn clapping and action songs here.

Week 5: Fun Poems

A great introduction to poetry. Learn all about Frank the Friendly Alien and eating peas with honey!