BookTrust Cymru supports thousands of nursery children in Wales to develop early language and oracy skills

Published on: 06 June 2018

Thousands of children aged 3-4 will take part in a new Welsh Government funded programme to improve language and communication skills at home and in nursery, focusing on sharing rhymes and talking about and enjoying books.

Oracy English language resources

The programme will build on the highly successful Pori Drwy Stori programme which supports family engagement in learning, home-school links and literacy and numeracy development for all children in Reception in Wales.

The new Pori Drwy Stori Nursery programme will be available to approximately one third of 3-4 year olds in Wales and will be delivered by a range of nursery settings. The programme will focus on supporting language skills through sharing rhymes and sharing books in a way that promotes talk, communication and enjoyment.

The programme will also support parents and carers to play an active role in their child’s learning and develop a positive home learning environment.

Every child taking part will receive a special set of rhyme resources and reading resources, each designed to be used over approximately half a term, to be used in nursery and at home.

The programme was successfully piloted in 2017-18 with approximately 600 families.

‘The experience as a parent having this programme to help me guide and develop my child has been a positive one which I know will benefit him.’ Parent taking part in pilot
‘Personally I would like to thank BookTrust for introducing such a brilliant way to learn and play with my child.’ Parent taking part in pilot

The programme supports the Take Time to Talk, Listen and Play campaign in Wales.