Bookbuzz: 17 books to make reading fun for your class

Published on: 01 May 2017

Inspire a love of reading in your Year 7 and 8 students by signing your school up to Bookbuzz 2017-18; there really is something for every reader among this year's books.

Here they are: the 17 books going to all Bookbuzz schools this autumn.

Bookbuzz 2017 books

Bookbuzz is a fun reading programme for secondary schools. Each pupil can choose their own book to take home and keep from the list, selected carefully by a panel of experts. The books cover a wide range of genres and are designed to appeal to all students aged 11 to 13, regardless of their level of reading.

The hard bit will be choosing which book to take home among bestsellers, fascinating fact books and funny reads by top comedians.

Smash hits and fun facts

One of the top authors on the Bookbuzz list is Louis Sachar, who has won many of the world's book prizes, as well as hearts all over the world, for his novel Holes - and will do so again with Fuzzy Mud.

Another much-loved writer is R J Palacio: her book Wonder has sold an incredible 5 million copies worldwide, has been made into a film, and can now be read by pupils signed up to Bookbuzz.

As well as the smash hits of fiction, the Bookbuzz 2017-18 list includes all sorts of award winners, such as S F Said (Nestlé Smarties Prize for Children's Literature), Kenneth Oppel (another bestseller who won a Printz Honor Award) and Adam Frost (Blue Peter Book Award winner in 2016).

On top of those, there are awesome fact books, accessible stories and rip-roaringly funny reads from the likes of stand-up comedian David O'Doherty.

The full list of 17 books

Here are the 17 books you'll get when your school signs up to Bookbuzz:

  1. The Awesome Book of Awesomeness (accessible) by Adam Frost
  2. The Bad Guys (accessible) by Aaron Blabey
  3. The Blood Guard by Carter Roy
  4. The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel
  5. The Croc and the Sock (accessible) by Claire Evans
  6. Danger is Everywhere by David O'Doherty
  7. Fuzzy Mud by Louis Sachar
  8. Girl on a Plane by Miriam Moss
  9. IT Girl: Superstar Geek! by Katy Birchall
  10. Is There a Dog in This Book? (accessible) by Viviane Schwarz
  11. Murder in Midwinter by Fleur Hitchcock
  12. Ocean Animals (accessible) by Johnna Rizzo
  13. Phoenix by S F Said
  14. SCREAM: The Mummy's Revenge by Andrew Beasley
  15. Where Monsters Lie by Polly Ho-Yen
  16. The Wickford Doom by Chris Priestley
  17. Wonder by R J Palacio

A selection of the Bookbuzz books will also be available in accessible formats: braille and Giant print.

Get your school buzzing about books

Every school that registers for Bookbuzz will receive two sets of the Bookbuzz books for their school library.

You can use the books for your Year 7 and 8 students, or encourage students from across the school to borrow them - creating a real buzz for everyone.

Which ones will your students choose?

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Bookbuzz supports schools to encourage reading for pleasure. Participating schools give their students the opportunity to choose their own book to keep from a list of 17 titles suitable for children in Year 7 or 8 and selected by a panel of experts.

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