5 top tips to help children enjoy non-fiction

Published on: 19 October 2022 Author: Jasbinder Bilan

Jasbinder Bilan's brilliant new book India, Incredible India explores the people, history, culture, places and wildlife of this incredible country.

Here, she shares how every child can get the most out of non-fiction books...

Jasbinder Bilan and the front cover of her book India, Incredible India

My book India, Incredible India is an exciting journey all around India. It was inspired by my roots in India – I was born close to the foothills of the Himalayas. It is also my first non-fiction book.

If you are trying to encourage children in your school or at home to branch out into non-fiction, read on for some top tips to help them enjoy the genre fully!

  1. Children don't have to read a non-fiction book all in one big gulp. They can open the book at any page and dive in. They could even close their eyes and choose a page. That way they'll have a surprise every time!
  2. Encourage children to take a non-fiction book along with them on the bus or train or anywhere else they might get bored. They don't have to worry about keeping their place like they would with a story, so they'll never be on the wrong page.
  3. All non-fiction books have an index in them and this can be used as a learning point. Children can browse the index and see what grabs their attention and read about that first.

    A spread about wildlife from India, Incredible India
  4. One of my favourite things about non-fiction is the way facts can be really good for gathering interest in a class or within a family to impress everyone. Children can go to the parts that spark their interest and spread the word.
  5. If there are a spare few minutes either in the school day or at home before tea-time children can have a quick dip into a non-fiction book. They will enjoy sharing it too, maybe with a younger sibling or a friend.

India, Incredible India, written by Jasbinder Bilan and illustrated by Nina Chakrabarti, is available now.

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