Grobblechops: a new take on monsters under the bed

Published on: 08 February 2019

Monsters are bad enough, but what about their parents? Elizabeth Laird's new book answers just that question.

Amir doesn’t want to go to bed. He’s afraid there might be a monster waiting in the dark. What if it has big teeth and growls like a lion? And even worse, what if the monster has a mum and dad too?

This hialrious take on the classic monster-under-the-bed tale is accompanied by gorgeous illustrations from Finnish illustrator Jenny Lucander.

Amir scared to go to bed

Page from Grobblechops

The Grobblechop appears!

Page from Grobblechops

Round 1 to AmirPage from Grobblechops

Nobody messes with MumPage from Grobblechops

Oh no! Monster parents!

Page from Grobblechops

Can't everyone just get along?

Page from Grobblechops

Alls well that end well

Page from Grobblechops

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