How to make a really successful comic like Corpse Talk

Published on: 26 January 2018 Author: Sophie Offord

Adam and Lisa Murphy are the talented husband-and-wife duo behind Corpse Talk: a comic book series that digs up historical figures and facts in its own brilliant way. So if anyone knows a thing or two about making a comic, it's these guys...

Corpse Talk: Ground-Breaking Scientists is shortlisted for a Blue Peter Book Award

If you've always wanted to make a comic or you just really, really love to read them, here's just the thing for you. Adam and Lisa Murphy, authors of Corpse Talk, have made a video that shares all of their brilliant creative tips: from how to get inspiration to giving your drawings precisely the right colour...

Have a watch below and tell us if you've been inspired to create your own little masterpiece! You can share any pictures @booktrust on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

Meanwhile, Corpse Talk: Ground-Breaking Scientists is on the shortlist for the Blue Peter Book Awards, under the category 'Best Books With Facts'.

Who do you think should win?

Let the Corpse Talk team inspire you

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