Corpse Talk: Ground-Breaking Scientists

Publisher: David Fickling Books

Do you find science a bit tedious sometimes? Are some ideas hard to understand? Well, not any longer….

Imagine if the greatest scientific brains in history were to come back from the grave and explain their ideas to you in person! You might have to look past the skeletal features and the odd bit of rotting flesh but the wild excitement and enthusiasm that they’d bring with them would definitely be worth it.

Join chat show host Adam Murphy as he interviews some dead brilliant scientists and presents the results in a comic book format.

Find out how science as we know it evolved from philosophy and how experimentation became the gold standard for proving (or disproving) scientific theories. Marvel at the amazing discoveries of men and women from many different countries and cultures and find out how their determination and curiosity contributed to scientific understanding.

But mostly, have fun with a colourful, funky and entertaining look at science and history as you’ve probably never seen it before!

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