BookTrust Storytime

BookTrust Storytime is a pilot programme designed to support libraries to inspire low-income families with children aged 0-5 to share stories together and make visiting their local library part of everyday life.

The first year of the pilot was a huge success thanks to the hard work of all the local authorities and the 2,366 libraries who worked with community partners and delivered fantastic and engaging story-sharing experiences to thousands of families.

BookTrust Storytime unveils this year's shortlist as pilot returns to libraries

BookTrust Storytime in 2022-23

The BookTrust Storytime owlBookTrust Storytime is back for a second year in September 2022, even bigger and better based on your feedback.

We will extend it to a nine-month period instead of last year's six-week voting period, to provide greater flexibility for and support to libraries as you use your expertise to engage and excite early years families. We hope this will also give you the opportunity to connect with community partners over a longer period, create continued engagement with families and make great use of the new resources.

This year we have simplified our approach so that copies of the six shortlisted books and access to digital resources (our core offer) will be available to all libraries.

All local authorities will receive an additional allocation of large books for sharing with groups and additional expertly curated physical resources (our enhanced offer) to use with selected libraries. Local authorities will allocate these additional resources based on local need and deprivation.

Check back soon for more information and resources!

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