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Building on your feedback we have a host of updated tools, resources, tips and ideas on how to support families on their reading adventures in 2023-24. We're adding to these all the time so make sure you check back regularly.

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BookTrust Storytime FAQs

  • What is BookTrust Storytime?

    BookTrust Storytime is a pilot programme, designed to support libraries to inspire low-income families with children aged 0-5 to share stories together and make visiting their local library part of everyday life. It is part of BookTrust's Early Years journey which also includes the new Bookstart Toddler and Pre-School pilot.

    We are now in the second year of this exciting pilot, which has been informed by work with libraries and families, feedback from the first year of the pilot and BookTrust's wider evidence and expertise.

    We hope that libraries will continue to work with community organisations in their area to deliver and help us learn from the pilot, creating continued opportunities for families to experience fun story sharing experiences.

  • What will my library receive?

    Libraries receiving our 'core' offer will receive one standard copy of each of our six books, specially chosen by a panel of families and libraries as the best books for sharing with children under five.

    We have worked with Local Authorities to also identify a group of libraries in areas of high deprivation that will receive our 'enhanced' offer - they will not only receive these books, but also larger copies, perfect for sharing with bigger groups. They will also receive resources to make their libraries a more welcoming and interactive space and activities to keep families coming back to the library.

    All libraries will have access to a wide range of digital resources to make the BookTrust Storytime stories come alive throughout the year.

  • When will I receive resources (print and digital)?

    We aim to put the main digital resources on the website in mid-August, with additional ones throughout the year to keep your families excited and engaged in the BookTrust Storytime offer.

    We plan to deliver physical resources and books to libraries in September.

  • What's new for BookTrust Storytime in 2023/24?

    We listened to your feedback and have streamlined BookTrust Storytime so that we are offering resources that will provide the most impact in engaging families. We have also increased the number of libraries that will receive an enhanced offer with more resources.

    In addition to this, we are moving from a six-week model to a nine-month pilot that runs from September 2023 to May 2024. This extended period will provide greater flexibility for and support to libraries as they use their expertise to engage and excite families. It will support libraries to connect with community partners over a longer period, create continued engagement with families and make great use of the new resources.

  • Who is BookTrust Storytime for?

    We hope all families with under 5s who come into libraries enjoy BookTrust Storytime resources and experiences. It is not BookTrust's intent to exclude any families from enjoying BookTrust Storytime experience.

    However, it is important to note that BookTrust Storytime is specifically designed to engage lower-income families who would not usually use library services - whether they are first-time visitors or families who aren't regular users.

    In this and other BookTrust programmes we have a particular focus on supporting lower-income families. We know that families facing disadvantage stand to benefit most from developing an early shared reading habit.

  • How can families vote for their favourite books as part of the BookTrust Storytime Prize?

    You can engage your community in voting for the BookTrust Storytime Prize by downloading the voting poster here. The official opening date for each library to cast their vote will be 23 January 2024. Voting will close on 31 March 2024. We will provide you with a link nearer the time. You can find further information on the BookTrust Storytime Prize here or download the full voting guidance document here.

  • How can I get involved with the BookTrust Storytime learning?

    BookTrust Storytime is a pilot, so we'd love you to let us know what's working and what could be better. There are several ways you can do this:

    • Fill in the initial feedback survey we send you
    • Join our BookTrust Voices platform
    • Complete the final evaluation survey that we will send you in spring 2024

    Your feedback from the first year of BookTrust Storytime has shaped the 2023-2024 offer. We'd love your ideas and feedback to help us to continue to strengthen our support to families and libraries.

  • Which permissions have been granted by the publishers of the six BookTrust Storytime books?

    The publishers of the six BookTrust Storytime books have granted local authorities permissions to host live and recorded readings. For full information about how long the permissions are valid for, what is allowed and which credits are required, download the permissions document by clicking here.

  • What if I have any further questions about BookTrust Storytime?

    If there's anything else you'd like to know about BookTrust Storytime, please get in touch with your local coordinator or your BookTrust Relationship Manager who will be able to help you out.

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