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Welcome to the dedicated digital Storyteller hub for BookTrust’s early years partners – covering all of our early years programmes.

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Our work in the Early Years

Discover how we and our partners are supporting families to discover the power and magic of books and stories in early years settings.

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Toddler and Preschooler

Bookstart Toddler and Pre-schooler

A new pilot offer designed for families who may need a hand to get started with reading.


BookTrust Storytime

Exciting new library experiences for families with fun, free activities for 0-5s, including storytime sessions.

Watch Michael Rosen's storytelling tips

We've teamed up with the brilliant Michael Rosen to create an exciting new series of video guides for storytellers.

From voicing different characters to using puppets as part of the story, these inspirational short videos are full of handy hints and tips for making story time magical.

Watch the videos

BookTrust's early years reading journey

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Explore our Early Years booklists

Our pick of the best books to help young children get started on their reading journey.

Picture books about daily routines

Babies and young children love routines – and they love seeing characters doing the same things as them. From getting dressed to having lunch, brushing teeth to reading a bedtime story, toddlers and babies will enjoy recognising the familiar daily activities. Here is a selection of lovely picture books that highlight the everyday moments of a little one’s li…

Books about developmental milestones from 0-2

Babies’ brains develop incredibly quickly and sometimes it seems they have a new skill every week.

This selection of books celebrates all the clever things many children learn to do from birth to age 2 or thereabouts, from lying on their tummies to clapping and waving, all the way to recognising familiar sights, eating real food and saying their first w…

Books for potty training

Potty training is an important part of a pre-schooler’s life, and it can help to see a character in a book doing it too. It’s also important to have funny books to read when on the potty! Here is a selection of books that might encourage a young child to focus on toilet training.

Bookstart Toddler: more great books for 1-2s

Just a few books to read with your toddler aged 1 to 2 carefully selected from our Bookstart programme. 

Books about teddy bears for toddlers

Everyone loves their teddy bear! Here is a selection of heart-warming books about teddies, or about bears who are cuddly and love hugging. These stories will be ideal for sharing together when snuggled up, especially at bedtime.

Picture books about moving house

This selection of picture books shows children that moving house needn’t be scary or a bad thing - and may even help them to love their new home.

More to explore on the early years journey

Newborn 0-6 months

Black-and-white booklets

A booklet for families with newborns, full of the high-contrast images babies love.

Bookstart Baby 0-1

Bookstart Baby

Our much-loved free book bag for all babies under 12 months.

My Story Pack 4-5

My Story Pack

My Story Pack is a pilot offer which gifts packs and resources to encourage families to read together as children start school.

Time to Read 4-5

Time to Read

A free book for every Reception-aged child.

Dual-language books

Dual-language books

Free dual-language books and resources for families who have English as an additional language.

Bookstart SEN packs

Bookstart SEN packs

Find out more about our Bookshine, Booktouch and Bookstart Star additional needs packs.