Radio Silence

Publisher: Harper Collins


Frances has always been a study machine with one goal - elite university. Nothing will stand in her way: not friends, a guilty secret, or the person she is inside.

But when Frances meets Aled, the shy genius behind her favourite podcast, she discovers a new freedom. For the first time, she experiences true friendship; unafraid to be herself. Then the podcast goes viral, and this fragile trust is broken.

Alice Oseman's captivating novel is, at its heart, a story about friendship and being true to yourself. Oseman perfectly captures what it is like when you meet a friend who you feel understands you. Interestingly, and uniquely for the genre, this relationship does not turn into romance.

The supporting characters, including Frances's mom, are also incredibly well drawn, authentic and complex.

Oseman's first novel Solitaire received high praise and was hailed as the 'Catcher in the Rye for the Digital Age'. Radio Silence is even better. Highly recommended.

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