Number Circus

Publisher: Minedition

Is it a bird? Is it a clown? Learn to count with a very flexible and colourful creature who can bend itself into all the numbers between one and ten. A friendly hippo and a bouncing mouse join in the fun. On every page there are tactile counters, secret doors and tiny boxes to open which will transform learning to count into an exciting game for small children.

This is an exuberant and tactile book which just asks to be stroked and poked and pulled about.  It has colourful surprises on every page which even the youngest reader will enjoy.

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Author: Alison Jay

  • Look carefully - there's more counting than you might think in this great book.
  • The design and illustration are really sophisticated.
  • This is a joy to look at - try Alison Jay's Alphabet booktoo.

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Counting Birds

Author: Alice Melvin

This stylishly illustrated counting book from a Best New Illustrator, opens with a vibrant cockerel crowing to welcome the day and ends with a solitary barn owl flying off the page and slipping into the night. Perfect for learning how to count, as well as introducing children to a host of bird names, this rhyming text is great for reading aloud.

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